MAP Episode 73: Normal Service

Zelda for the Riddlethos Generation.
Games are hard.

Download Link: Produced 2010.07.11

Normal service resumes when Lusipurr recovers and can ‘organise’ the podcast again. Ginia proves her midget tits are smaller than the average breast, Ethos proves he is gayer than the average gay, and Nate Liles finds his Lady Gaga news DENIED. Huzzah!


  1. – I love hamburgers. I wish I got paid in hamburgers.
    – Peter Molyneux is not British – he crawled out of a sewer somewhere in Paris.
    – Believe it or not, temperatures over here are getting higher than Jamaica on ocassion. I am LOVING it.
    – Checked the British iTunes Store lately?

  2. Wasn’t this the exact same description of last podcast? … Oh right, shingles …

  3. -Leashe’s Jigglypuff is serious nightmare fuel. The Gyarados vs. Altaria battle looks amazing though.

    -Yay, Ni no Kuni! <3

    -In reaction to Lusipurr's example of Blizzard's stupidity: News from June 5th. People already go after each other for in-game stupidity without their names being displayed, implementing a system to display them is going to create a string of more stories. And as much as I like my job of news reporting to be made easier, it probably shouldn’t be at the expense of pain and suffering.

    -I really really wish that that description of Queen’s Blade was inaccurate. It isn’t. There are two whole seasons of exploding acid-filled tits. Watch it and realize there is no possible way to put more boobs in this series.

    -All of you stop bitching, it hasn’t been below 95 in the past week here.

    -I didn’t know SoulSilver had the two storylines feature. …DAMMIT, STOP MAKING ME WANT TO BUY ANOTHER PKMN GAME! >.<

  4. -80 degrees? What is that in real units of temperature?

    -Who made Amazon the arbiters of what is and isn’t a game?! They are wrong, and so are you if you insist on pandering to the whims of a misguided few.

    -When are we going to have the next FFIX site playthough?

    -Also, boobs.

  5. Oh, btw: LADY GAGA NEWS!!!!

    “FOOTAGE of Lady Gaga dancing on stage has sparked rumours across celebrity gossip websites that she is a hermaphrodite. reports there’s a rumor spreading like wildfire on the internet that Lady Gaga has both male and female reproductive parts and she’s reportedly even addressed it in the past
    “Its not something that I’m ashamed of, just isn’t something that i go around telling everyone. Yes. I have both male and female genitalia, but i consider myself a female,” she reportedly wrote in a blog back in December 2008.

    “I think this is a great opportunity to make other multiple gendered people feel more comfortable with their bodies. I’m sexy, I’m hot.”

    Lady Gaga raised eyebrows during the Glastonbury festival in England when the footage of her was shot and has since hit YouTube.

    But Lady Gaga’s manager has told media outlets including that the rumours of her being a hermaphrodite were “ridiculous.””

    -Podcast saved!

  6. Thank GOD. I was sufferring from Lady Gaga News withdrawal, but now I’m all better. Thanks for that.

  7. @Ethos: I think Lusipurr accidentally played the backing track to loudly in the mix, drowning out NATE’s very important news (what other explanation could there be?). He will have to be more careful next time, lest the pundits revolt!

  8. Post fixed. Somehow I posted last week’s blurb instead of this week’s. Oopsie.

    Yeah, it’s strange, the music just got very loud suddenly when Nate mentioned Lady Gaga, and got quiet again when he stopped.


  9. You don’t consider P3P a blockbuster? It’s pretty awesome. And so is Dragon Quest IX so far. I’m enjoying both of them.

    I really wanna try Ni no Kuni. I get some Boy and His Blob-ish feeling from the screenshots I’ve seen.

    I am glad that Blizzard decided against the RealID system. That just could not end well.

    I really like the fact that you can replay Red/Blue in Kanto as well, but I wish the wild pokémon weren’t still level 10 there. Red was a total pain in my ass, I probably should have had more than one really useful pokemon when I beat him.

    Dayupdate is the best twitter feed ever.

  10. Technically, Nate is right, as the Dark-type is originally called the Evil-type (あく [悪] タイプ) in Japan, and Pikachu is evil!

  11. Nate Liles is amazing! He can fart Beethoven’s 6th Symphony without making a single error!

  12. I love Nathan Hawthorne Nathaniel Liles and will not listen to another podcast unless the informative and enlightening Lady Gaga Weekly News Segment receives it’s own theme music sung by Ginia and narrated by Jenifer and the respect for Nate “Bup” Liles that he truly deserves!!!


    Now, excuse me while I go and listen to this week’s podcast.

  13. Without Lady Gaga news, my Mondays are unfulfilled. Where else am I supposed to go for it?

  14. NATE should start up his own podcast of just wall to wall Lady Gaga News!

  15. I’d just like to point out that is available according to GoDaddy. Just throwing that out there…

    @DCS: Agreed about P3P being awesome, but it is the third time the game’s been released. I can understand why that would temper some people’s excitement. Gotta say, though, this is definitely the version I’ll be recommending from now on if people haven’t played any of them. The P4 improvements are MUCH appreciated.

  16. I wish Blizzard had stuck to their guns on the real ID thing. yeah people woulda bitched but dammit it takes BALLS to fix things and Blizzard apparently lost theirs.

  17. @Breaka: Except that forcing people to post under their real-life names doesn’t ‘fix’ anything; and, instead, creates a whole host of new problems.

    It does take balls to fix things, but it takes even more balls to admit when your plan isn’t going to work, and to step back, review the situation, and try to find out what will solve the issue.

    As we said on the podcast, it’s not about making people use their real names. I mean, seriously, do you think that is going to stop a bunch of retards? No way; it’s just going to hurt a bunch of otherwise law-abiding uers. It’s about proper moderation, full stop.

  18. @Lusi – I think we’re gonna need to agree to disagree on this one.


  19. @Breaka: It’s not like I’m talking out of my ass. I’ve posted on several message boards where people’s real-life names were on display, and they were just as prone to jackassery as any other forum.

  20. I think it’s a damn silly idea, that said it’s not exactly difficult for someone to get ahold of my name or Lusi’s atm.

  21. So, I doubt there’s much I do online that I wouldn’t be happy to have associated with my RL name, often those I troll have it coming …

  22. I am not happy to have SiliconNooB’s typos associated with my RL name.

  23. I’m admittedly hesitant about having my real name up on the internet and it does prevent me from being more of a jackass.

    Here at the pure and innocent, I’ll gladly call you all shit-gobbling fuckwits and post my UNDERBOOB-filled news because I know there is almost no chance of anyone important finding it. However, in instances where my boss or my clients can see it, I do restrain myself. There are many, many things that I would love to post up on Facebook, but I have to stop and think: What will my boss say? What will all these clients, who allow me into their house and trust me with their pet’s well-being, think? Or, even better, what will the people who employed me at the pharmacy, where I dispensed drugs that could mean life or death, think of me?

    Thus I think it really depends on where the real name is being displayed. I agree with Lusi; on video game forums, where people are used to spewing verbal diarrhea over their headset anyway, people are still going to be complete idiots.