MAP Episode 75: Phoning It In

You *may* be an Inconsiderate Gus or an Unkind Gus, but you may not be a Rude Gus.
Seriously. Don't.

Download Link: Produced 2010.07.25

With piss-poor news and scorching weather, the podcast panel is too knackered to think of anything witty or interesting to fill the time with. Lusipurr does his best to fill out the hour using every gimmick he can think of, but the panelists resist.


  1. Very nice picture.

    @Biggs I would like to keep my fingers intact. Thank you. I nominate Oliver Motok as my proxy.

    @Lusi I just had a very similar argument about liking relaxing at home reading books on Friday.

  2. *sigh* you know it’s a shame that most of the staff can’t appreciate what collasul news it is that YazMat has come back to make another game.

    The megaphone has dissapointed me…

  3. -@Lusi: “Let Us Cling Together” was the subtitle of the SNES version, while “Wheel of Fortune” is the subtitle of the PSP version (it’s not a regional thing). IMO “Person of Lordly Calibre” is their finest subtitle to date.

    -I’ve never bought a virtual item.

    -I’ve got a Rondo of Blood coming out my Wii!

    -FFXIII piano collections: do not want.

    -I don’t like leaving my house.

  4. @SN: Beg to differ, but the press release says otherwise: the title differences are regional. The JP title for the remake is Wheel of Fortune, and it is being brought over here (and to PAL regions) under the original title of Let Us Cling Together.

    The press release can be found at:

    The official Playstation Blog also reports:

    And the wikipedia:

  5. Ah, my mistake. I had only read the Tactics Ogre info from its Famitsu unveiling, and didn’t expect them to change the subtitle so quickly (it’s just as well that they did not call it Wheel of Fortune though).

    I had just figured that you were confusing new and old with regional differences, but it seems they’ve just re-badged it for the Japanese market (where it’s well known) and left it as is for the West (where it is not).

  6. Stephen Fry is the epitome of what it means to be British. And I love Lady Gaga.

  7. @SN/Lusi – They may have run into some copyright issues here with the phrase “Wheel of Fortune.” They could rebrand it something like “Fortune’s Wheel”, but that doesn’t sound as catchy.

    @KJJ – That WOULD explain why Lusi knows so much about him :D

    @Bup – I love Lady GaGa, but you can go shit on a dick!

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