MAP Episode 76: Joliver Biebtok

A mere glance at this picture fills me with a desire to end all things.
Behold the embodiment of Oliver Motok's hopes and aspirations.

Download Link: Produced 2010.08.01

When the podcast is routed through Australian Semaphore, unexpected felicity is the order of the day. Nate Liles is struck dumb, Ginia’s voice is lowered in pitch so humans can hear it, and Lusipurr is able to read poetry without constant interruption!


  1. Lets have some reader pledges to see if we can’t get Lusipurr those LADY GAGA tickets!

  2. – I don’t think there’s any one shooter that’s as dominant as Starcraft is in the RTS genre. Like Lusi said, SC1 is THE RTS game, even 12 years after it’s release.

    – I figure I’ll pick up SC2 when I see it on sale. Until then, I’ve got plenty to play (also, I’m horrible at RTSs. I’m one of those people who’d probably play more single player than multiplayer, mostly because AI opponent are the only ones I stand a chance against.)

    – Whoo! Civ V! It’s the Starcraft of turn-based strategy games!

    – Capcom did something similar (with each company creating a game) with SNK for the Marvel vs. SNK games. I imagine the SF vs. Tekken setup will be somewhat similar. Also, I think the SFvT games are slated to be released quite a bit apart, as opposed to releasing one on top of another (which, I agree, would be ridiculous :D)

    @SN/Bup: How much is needed for the Lady Gaga tickets? I can contribute $1!

  3. I really wish I enjoyed RTS games so that I could share the elation over StarCraft II. Civ 5 on the other hand is gonna be awesome.

    Nice surprise Gaga news there SN.

    As far as gameplay goes, I actually like the idea of swapping the systems between SF and Tekken, but it’s not a very good business idea.

    Flower was awesome. I didn’t get weepy either, but the power lines area is pretty artsy and probably the most emotionally evocative part.

  4. @DCS: What I really want is Tekken X Blazblue, just to have COMPLETELY incompatible engines.

  5. my Amy would fuck up Pikachu. that reminds me I need to play Soul Calibur more.

  6. Ivy all the way. It also turns out I have the original SoulBlade for the PSone. Is this valuable? I mean, Voldo adorns the cover, so that might deter some people…
    Also, I will donate £30 to the Lady Gaga Tickets For Lusipurr Fund, which is a small fortune in your worthless American money.

  7. @KJJ – don’t think so. I’ve never seen one sellin for more than 10 bucks.

  8. @KenJu: Just have to say that I am well impressed that you’d be willing to throw thirty pound at just for the purpose of making me totally miserable for three solid hours, plus all the irritation involved in thinking about the dreaded event in advance.

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