MAP Episode 77: Joliver Biebtok Intervention Call

Stop playing Modern Warfare instead of being on the podcast, idiot!
The Idiot in question.

Download Link: Produced 2010.08.08

When Joliver Biebtok skips out on a spot on the podcast in favour of taking drugs and playing Modern Warfare 2 until 04:00, the panelists realise the time has come to act. Spurred on by the beneficent Nate Liles, an intervention call is made. Repeatedly.


  1. I haven’t listened to the podcast yet, but I just want to say I’m glad there’s a 720p version of that video. Just thinking of having to watch such magnificence in standard definition makes my eyes bleed.

  2. I fear this this podcast is the high watermark from which all further endeavours needs must decline …

  3. Nate’s repeated callings of Oliver may just be the funniest thing I’ve ever heard on this podcast. It’s definitely up there.

  4. It’s good to see you giving your audience what they ask for, Lusipurr. More fart noises!

    As a male who plays RPGs (both MMOs and single-player) and usually picks female characters, it pretty much does come down to the fact that if I have to stare at some character’s ass running around for 60+ hours, it might as well be a female.

    Also, hail NATE LILES! You are truly a king among trolls.

    I’d give a couple bucks for this to happen every few shows. Hell, I’d pay a couple to see what you guys would leave in my voicemail.

  5. Instead of giving a couple bucks to us, why not consider giving a couple bucks to the Golden Charity linked in the above post?

  6. – Why on earth do Bup’s farts sound like a vomiting duck?

    – Silly TF2 community complaining about the unfair appearance of an item.

    – I’ve never played AA, but I kind of agree with SN about how it might not transfer well into a city environment. From what I heard, a lot of the reasons that game worked was because the space was so limited.

    – I think that gamasutra article was talking specifically about Activision games (saying they hadn’t features a female lead since 2005 outside licensed games).

    – I agree with Ethan. I’d love to see more games with female protagonists.

    – It seems like EA (at least for the most part) started gaining more hardcore gamer credibility when Riccitello took over as CEO. I know initially, the new direction wasn’t all that profitable for them, but hopefully things have been turning around recently, since this method does tend to produce better games. As far as Activision goes, if they just want to make “safe bet” games, they’re welcome to do that, it’s just unlikely I’ll buy any of them. The only Activision game I’ve bought in recent memory is War for Cybertron, and I was impressed that it wasn’t tied to the movie license or anything at all, it was just good G1 fun :D.

  7. “Arkham City” is a little deceptive. Arkham Asylum was an enclosed space, yes, but it was still a little open. The premise of Arkham City is that the new detainment centre for the villains is a sectioned off slum area of Gotham. Therefore it’s still not GTA meets Batman. I imagine it actually will be pretty identical in terms of the mix of open/limited space.

  8. -I object to live podcast being an hour of nose-picking and wiping it on each other. Though if Nate is still recording it, that means two weeks from now, our readers get to see me punching Nate in the face.

    -I’m pretty sure the discussion of Batman is the longest srs bzns I’ve ever heard on the podcast.

    -As much as I hate to say it, I agree with Nate’s simplistic explanation of gender choice in games: I don’t want real. I deal with breasts and menstruation all year, so when I have a few hours to spend escaping reality, I want a penis to swing around.

    -I’m really regretting letting Nate have my phone number now, especially given that I’ve not been here recently. Though given your description of ‘Wilbur,’ I’m really glad you used the video instead.

    @Darth: How do you know what a vomiting duck sounds like?

  9. @Ethos: Sounds good to me! Thinking about it, though, it could be kind of cool to have a Batman game with the entirety of Gotham available to you. You could run around and stop random muggings and such, get tips for where/when big crimes will occur (possibly by shaking down lesser thugs), stuff like that. Could be fun, but doesn’t sound like the same series as AA. What you’re describing sounds like it fits a lot better with the series, and hopefully the developers feel the same. Only time will tell!

    @Jenifer: How do you think all my ducks stay so thin?

    RE: Playing as a female – Am I the only one that doesn’t have a set response to this? I’d probably say my gender selection in games is roughly 50/50 depending on how I’m feeling when I create the character :D.

  10. I usually pick male, because I’m male and therefore prefer playing as them, but I really don’t give a shit about a protagonist’s gender. A good female protagonist is fine, Kotick’s just talking out of his ass, as usual.

  11. As an added note to my last comment, if I can design the entire party (using RPG’s as an example here) I’ll usually split the genders 50/50 with one physical and one magical character of each gender, with the “main hero” being male.

  12. Does Olliver lack the man boobs to reply?!? Or whatever misshapen body part gives him strength?

    Also, Lagy Gaga news segments 4 LIEF!!!!!!

  13. Absolute pandemonium.
    The only thing missing from this podcast was a cover of Paparazzi.

  14. As much as Lusipurr doth protest, Lady Gaga news is the backbone of the Megaphones Ahoy Podcast!

  15. That Lady Gaga remix CD is awful. I gave it a shot. It’s as if someone had sex with all the re-mixers and sapped all their creativity out of their vagina’s. Now if they had thrown in some Nate Liles fart noise samples into the mixes, that would have saved it. Alas, no dice.

    Possible topic of discussion for 78, Guild Wars 2.

    Guild Wars 2 Manifesto Trailer that came out this week:

    I would be curious to hear the panels thoughts on this game and the points made by the programmers in the video. Some points relate to the current state of the entire MMORPG genre and they seem to think they have the solutions to many problems the genre is facing.

  16. @Cram: Always good to see a new reader! Tell (or warn) your friends!

    We’ve already recorded MAP 78 (just finished it, in fact), but we’ll address your topic in MAP 79, which will record next weekend!

    Thanks for the submission, and just a heads-up to our readers: such suggestions are always welcome!


  17. Seconded! Also, has Oliver received all his messages, or is he dead in front of his PS3 as we type, muscle memory still performing head-shots?

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