Editorial: Scott Pilgram vs. the World

This post will be a bit short, as I have been incredibly busy lately and not feeling very well.

The recent release of Scott Pilgram vs. the World: The Game on the PlayStation 3 (and releasing later this month on the Xbox 360) has me thinking.  What has me wondering is why there is offline multiplayer, but no online modes?  One would think that in the online, technology driven age we live in that pretty much all games need some sort of online option.  Especially one that would benefit so much from having an online multiplayer option.  Now, I still really enjoy the game and I feel it is one of the best downloadable games I have played since Castle Crashers, another side-scrolling beat-em-up game.  While Pilgram is still amazing, I just feel that it could have been so much more had online modes been included.

So my questions to you, my dearest of doves, is what you think.  For those of you who have played it, does the lack of an online option hinder the game or do you think this is kind of a moot point?  Do most games need an online element to survive in our current age?  Tell me in the comments!


  1. It doesn’t matter to me, but it will for some people.

  2. well, I have friends so a lack of online doesn’t bug me too much. depends on the game really. I played a bit of Urban Reign, another beat ’em up, and I liked that just fine.

    hope you feel better soon dude, our GaGa news depends on you!

  3. SPvTW: The Game is pretty awesome. The game itself is perfectly fine and differently worth $10. Online would have just been extra to me.

    Why are there not more River City Ransom like games?

  4. World of Warcraft will become a Local Multiplayer only game after the next patch. You heard it here first !

  5. To be honest, there are a lot of games where I’d prefer the developers spend their time on local multiplayer as opposed to online. Transformers: War for Cybertron springs to mind. It’s got co-op in the game and I’d love to play through it with my girlfriend, but that would require another TV, another PS3, and another copy of the game. Of course, if all options are on the table, I prefer the Castle Crashers method with both, but there’s a lot of games I’d get much more enjoyment out of playing with her as opposed to playing with random strangers (or even friends) online.

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