News: Android is Amazing, Give it a Lick

Lusi’s Backburner Giveaway

Whether you play Team Fortress 2 with us lovable misfits or if you have never played at all, anyone with half a brain can understand that a multiplayer game with no item trading is annoying as all hell. Case in point, Lusipurr has too many Huntsman…the bastard only needs one to kill us all anyway. Well, the lads at Valve have announced that they will finally be helping with this problem. In an interview with PC Gamer, Robin Walker revealed that in addition to the ability to do item trading, the next update will also include a new game mode and the twenty winning Polycount weapons and items. Of course, he says this update is due “next month” so it will be out some time before next Easter. No word on if it will contain anti-Lusidouche technology, we can only hope.

Android? In my PSP?

Its more likely than you think. As the iPhone works to establish itself as a gaming machine to people other than Ginia’s moronic coworkers, Apple’s competitors are looking to get in on the gaming phone trend. But wait, you ask, what about the legacy of the N-Gage? Easy, Android and Sony are not made of fail and they already have the fanbase to prove it. A trusted source leaked to Engadget this week that it does indeed look like plans are moving forward to create a PSP-style phone, with a five megapixel camera, a 3.7 to 4.1 inch display, and in place of its QWERTY keyboard, controls like the PSP Go. More information of this device is rumored to come out in October, so until then, keep enjoying your fifty DS games.

I apologize for lack of tits pictures and any unsightly formatting issues, but while Android is amazing, it does have some limitations. I love you all enough that I am almost out of battery power, so hush and be happy.


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