MAP Episode 78: RIP Joliver Biebtok

Ah, I remember when Joliver Biebtok used to come here on family visitation day, racked with grief, and trying desperately to find a girlfriend.
The Biebtok Family Plot

Download Link: Produced 2010.08.15

The untimely death of Joliver Biebtok leaves the industry in shock; hence, there is no news. Ginia goes into mourning, and Bup weeps until he can no longer speak. Strangely, Lusi, SN, and Biggs manage to carry on just fine despite the tragedy.


  1. – I think a well-written custom engine will always trump a stock engine like UE3, it’s just a question of whether or not there’s the development time to make your own custom engine or not. Naughty Dog does great engines because they’ve got the time to make the engine they want and don’t have to worry about writing for the general case, they just need to write for their games.

    – I think the XMB is my favorite of all the console menu interfaces. I just wish there was more that I could do while in-game or in-movie. Also, I wish they’d take a cue for XBL and make the PSN button context-sensitive. It really sucks when I get a “message” popup, but I still have to click down through 3-4 layers to get to the actual message.

    – Between the remote-controlled spy car, the night vision goggles, and the Batarang that came with the Arkham Asylum special edition, I’m pretty sure game companies are just trying to get their audience arrested for stalking and/or assault.

    – The only state sport worse than jousting would be cricket!

    – I always thought of “field hockey” as something you played in 5th grade gym class then promptly forgot about in favor of real hockey.

  2. – RIP Joliver. You will be sorely missed.
    – I would buy a TV and a DVD player for that Duckhunt film.
    – Despite how cold Britain is, we play field hockey, not ice hockey, and very often, during PE. But it is a girl’s sport, and often involves whacking people on the shins.

  3. @SN: Does said list dictate who will be receiving candy later?

    @KJJ: I forgot about the duck hunt film idea! I’d purchase a 3D TV for that film!

  4. @DG: Well, if by ‘candy’ you mean #JoliverBiebtok wearing a gimp suit …

  5. @kenjujuju: Clearly a Duckhunt film starring NATE LILES can only be watched on BLU RAY.

    Btw, Lusipurr really admires Lane… huh?

  6. @Kst: THANK YOU.

    @Darth: Shut up. Cricket is the most wonderful of all sports. Continue with your blasphemous dialogue and you will be punished during TF2.

    @Kenjuu: Duck Hunt: The Movie is awesome. Buy a 3D HDTV for that movie!

    @Epyon: What’s not to admire?

    @Cram: What a terrible and yet horrible plan! Pictures required!

  7. I would rather play Joust on an atari than joust in WoW.

    I was known in college for taking terrible bets like that one, Lusi. I’ll see what I can do. And I’ll pour some out for Joliver Biebtok, too.

  8. Jousting in WoW was only bad because people are bad at doing things that are hard or take skill. With a guild group, we could wipe out the jousting event in minutes.

    Vehicle fights are generally (1) too easy to be done (FL normal mode) or (2) too hard to stomach because people are such bad players (FL hard mode). That said, I think it at least breaks up the monotony of some boss designs.

    Also, now that the Biebtok meme is dead, I am going to allow myself a small rejoicing. Hurray.

  9. Jousting in WoW is super-easy. I’ve never had a problem with it. I cannot understand why anyone else does.

    Perhaps this is why I am very popular as a choice to take for ToC?

    Anyway, I love jousting in WoW; it’s probably my favourite thing in any game ever. Unfortunately, my server is down all day today so I’ll have to give it a miss for 24 hours. WOE!

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