1. Do not listen to this unless you hate yourself love baby kittens.

    [Edited for veracity. ~L.]

  2. Our second Podcast was amazing, the third was just horrid.

  3. I get the feeling that he’s only saying so to spare our feelings, we don’t deserve such consideration.

  4. This is actually a little better than I remember it being, full credit to Lusipurr for turning our superfluous bile into something coherent (whilst simultaneously subtracting a disproportionately greater amount of full credit for loosing the first TWO podcasts).

    At least we managed to offend everyone, keeping the show’s format true to form.

  5. Worst. Podcast. EVER! Thank you for wasting 14 minutes of my life, that could have been spent in bed trying to sleep.

  6. – Maybe if the game companies didn’t charge extortionate amounts for new games, there wouldn’t be so many preowned ones being sold.
    – I’m glad that, even on a podcast 15 minutes long, there was at least a snippet of Lady Gaga. Thank you, SiliconNoob. Your efforts are valiant.
    – Yes. Play FFX. All of you.
    – On the vein of horrible Zelda adaptations, I saw Freshly-Picked Tingle’s Rosy Rupeeland for sale the other day. Not even worth the fiver they were asking for it.

  7. You are welcome Kenjujujujuju, anything for an esteemed gent such as yourself!

  8. It was the kind of adequate disappointment we’ve all come to know and love from Lusipurr.com!

  9. Lusipurr is, after all, a fountain of perpetual disappointment. Also, is my name getting longer?

  10. I want my money back! I think you should have just run 15 minutes of NATE LILES making fart noises instead.

  11. Perhaps we should aim for a five minute podcast next week, that way we can adjust listener expectations for next time ‘we’ delete the podcast.

  12. Our expectations are at a permanent low. WHy do you think the Worst Podcast Ever was unanimously the best?

  13. You know what would have made this podcast even better? Speeding it up about 1.25x. I’d love to hear what everybody sounds like with chipmunk voices :D

  14. Also, @KJJJJJJ: Eventually, our expectations will be SO LOW that they’ll wrap around again to really high expectations!

  15. @Darth, Kenjujujujujujujujujujujujuju

    Of course! Expectation overflow!

  16. But we don’t want you to have high expectations of us! Then Lusipurr gets all mean and says “Rawr, get off your slacker tits and do your job!” Making us be productive takes the fun out of everything.

  17. It’s funny how illogical logic can be when a big enough group of people are in charge.

  18. Saves energy on typing. This is, after all, a green podcast.

  19. Oh, by the way, upon Ethos’s suggestion I went to read That Crazy Tetsuya’s blog? Almost as good as the Toriyama one. I’ve been meaning to post this for a while, because I think Lusipurr will approve, so http://bannable-offenses.blogspot.com/

    Older posts are better.

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