Editorial: Contagion of Idiocy

The Square Hand Doesn’t Know What the Enix One is Doing

Corporate Enixsoft

In a piece of the more bizzarely inept news to come out of Enixsoft this week, Final Fantasy XIV Director Nobuaki Komoto detailed the way in which the game’s eight hour a week fatigue system would work, while the game’s Producer Hiromichi Tanaka claimed that evil Western sites were just full of lies which were then mistranslated by the Japanese press, and that the fatigue system was just something they made up:

Overseas sites are full of falsehoods. They just put words together and fabricate statements. Japanese sites then mistranslate these. That fatigue system isn’t in and was just something they made up.

Ignoring for the moment the fact that the original rumours of the game’s fatigue system stemmed from Japan’s own 2Chan, It is quite odd to have two of the game’s key personnel contradict one another in such glaring fashion. But then this is Enixsoft we are talking about, and as Lusipurr.com’s own Lusipurr is quick to point out:


So, good news for would be FFXIV players I guess.

Edit: Breaking News

FINAL FANTASY XIV Open Beta Test Postponed
FINAL FANTASY XIV Open Beta Test, which is scheduled to begin at 19:00 (PDT) on Aug. 31, 2010, will be postponed due to a confirmation of critical bugs. New schedule will be released at a later date.

Along with the postponement of FINAL FANTASY XIV Open Beta Test, the issuing of registration code for FINAL FANTASY XIV Open Beta Test will be postponed as well. With the download of client software’s installer, it will be suspended at 19:00 (PDT) on Aug. 31, 2010.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

I’m guessing at least one of those ‘critical bugs‘ was a glitch which saw player experience bottleneck after eight hours play. Naturally it would be remiss for Enixsoft not to deal with these bugs immediately, as they wouldn’t want any reactionary Western publications to make hay of the situation with their alarmist agendas.

Atlus is (technically) No More

Atlus faces a forced merger, we can only hope that Index Holdings is gentle when they have their way with them

In a development which left me completely blindsided, it was announced this week that Atlus is to cease existing as a company after October 1st, as parent company Index Holdings unveiled plans to merge the revered JRPG Developer/Publisher with their mobile Developer Index, to increase efficiency and better share resources. What is unclear at this point is the effect (if any) this forced company restructure will have on the running of Atlus’ operations, and hence the quality of their software. At any rate, you can rest assured that the games will continue to be released under the Atlus brand for the time being.

This Week in PSP GO Culture

Not the system to own if you enjoy playing games, but that just makes it trendier

Tragedy struck this week for Jonathan ‘Ethan’ Pipher and all people who are like Jonathan ‘Ethan’ Pipher, that is to say all the people who paid a premium for a PSP that is incompatible with physical media, and as such is now a dead platform (a group mercifully small in number, as in common sense). This week it was confirmed first by PR firm Oglivi, and then by Enixsoft themselves that Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep will not be seeing release on the PSP GO (not now, not ever) on September 7 when the game launches on physical media for legitimate PSP models. Now, I know what a lot of you are thinking; so what? It’s the PSP GO, the system was never going to have enough legs to stick around for the launch of BBS. But please spare a thought for our dear little Canadian friend who, in a state of hipster delirium, elected to rush out and buy this Ngage of the modern age, disregarding all of our good advice to the contrary. [He will still defend his purchase in this thread]

Murfreesboro News

The Locust is not like you or I ...

This week in Murfreesboro news; Locust plans to build a hive in Murfreesboro, Tennessee saw yet another setback on Monday, as construction materials on the site of the future hive were set afire by suspected arson. The ATF, FBI and Rutherford County Department of Good Ol’ Boys are conducting a joint investigation into the fire which claimed, among other things, a large earth hauler and three other pieces of construction equipment. When asked for comment the swarm’s Imam Essey Fathim had this to say:

Our pupae and drones are so worried of what else can happen. They are so scared.

There has been growing resentment towards plans to build the hive among the town’s long-time Motok residents, with the arrival of the swarm resettlement widely regarded to threaten their FREEDOM and JESUS. When approached local resident and Flea Party member Oliver Motok hollered:

They are not a swarm. They are a political, militaristic group. No hive in Murfreesboro. I don’t want it. I don’t want them here, go start their own country overseas somewhere. This is a Christian country. It was based on Christianity.


  1. PSP Go is certainly dead, but let it be known that I refused to pay more for it. I bought it used off a friend.

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