MAP Episode 81: A Labourious Undertaking

We're gonna party like it's 2005!
Final Fantasy XIV

Download Link: Produced 2010.09.05

Lusipurr takes the opportunity to dive into the Final Fantasy XIV Open Beta, only to find that he has travelled back in time to the year 2005. SN and Biggs try to find him in the timestream, but are distracted by buxom ladies of the Victorian era.


  1. Why I spelled cameras with the way I did, I have no clue…Alas! When you did the fake ending so early in the podcast I actually yelled out “WHAT?! AGAIN!?”, and then I quickly checked google reader to see that the podcast still had many minutes left to which I let out a sigh of relief…

    What happened to Ginia and Bup though? They just stopped talking and it was never explained that they left, or were leaving…Or it was, and I just wasn’t paying attention at the time.

  2. Ginia experienced technical difficulties (otherwise known as NATE LILES). After that a new call was begun sans Bup.

  3. I totaLLy ragequit the call because I hate all of these people SO MUCH. And I had a prior engagement and my ride was going to be there any minute. :)

  4. I loved the fake ending! Quite entertaining! I think you could have simulated Bup being on the rest of the cast by inserting random bodily function noises while other people were speaking :D

    Also, Comcast sucks. I had them for a year and the reliability was a joke, Lusi has my sympathies.

  5. My falling asleep on the podcast was not a joke about Lusipurr talking about FF XIV for hours. I legitimately fell asleep.

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