Editorial: Should Halo Die?

Halo: Reach was recently released to numerous outstanding reviews.  I picked it up myself and really enjoy the game so far, but it got me thinking: do we really need more Halo games?  Even Bungie is getting out of the series, as the company announced Reach will be the last Bungie developed Halo game.  Now, I understand that the franchise is a gigantic money maker for Microsoft, but one could assume that a company as big as Microsoft could think of another franchise replace Halo.

Another thing that got me thinking this way is how the latest games in the series seem a bit “lazy” when it comes to the multiplayer modes included.  Halo 1 had some of the most fun maps most gamers had ever seen in multiplayer game, but over the years the maps have gotten worse and worse.  To the point where most of the maps in the new game are just taken straight from the singleplayer campaign.  This seems a bit confusing to me, as the multiplayer is the main draw to the franchise.  To the point where some people never play the singleplayer campaign.

So, my question to you, my dearest of doves, is this: what do you think of the Halo franchise?  Should it continue on or should Microsoft let it die an honorable death?  Do you even care about the games?  Why or why not?  Tell me in the comments below!


  1. Halo 3 ended with a way to continue to series. If they were going to let it die an honorable death, I’d like to see the story resolved without any sort of cliffhangers involved. Maybe killing off MC would be the way to do it.

    But that won’t happen. Microsoft is going to run the franchise into the ground. Bungie was smart to get out.

  2. Halo should soil itself and expire with an ignoble whimper, but M$ won’t let it. Lightning struck with the original game, elevating a mediocre series to a 5 million + seller, which M$ is not likely to be able to replicate. M$ has relatively poor 1st party development capacity, so they will flog the Halo horse until there’s nothing left.

  3. To continue off of what SN said, its honestly a shame that Microsoft is going to drive it to the ground, as we know they will. When it started out, Halo 1 garnered a ton of attention and a massive fanbase, so Halo 2 was justified. But this trend of decay began even before the release of 3, many of the fans had already moved on to bigger and better things, the drop off is just much more noticeable with Reach.

    Probably also more noticeable because they want $150 for a fucking collector’s edition. Even the most diehard fan has to wipe the M$ brand fecal matter out of their eyes for that.

  4. I suck at Halo. As this cannot be MY fault, the premise of the game appears to be flawed, and never should have been allowed to continue. The end.

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