Editorial: Comfort Games

Oh woe is me, my little Lusi-sprites. I think I may be sick. Not just “sick of Lusipurr’s crap”, but legitimately ill. Blame the sick guy whose desk is beside mine, blame my boyfriend who had a case of the death last week, or blame Lusipurr (just because).

Vivi lookin' cute
Vivi: A remedy to cure all ills
This has lead me to think (and cough, and sniffle). I have previously blogged about how much I love to play Final Fantasy IX when I am sick. It cheers me up, being so cute and bright and full of the wonder and joy that is Vivi. It reminds me of Christmas vacation, having the flu and a stocking full of candy to eat and my favourite Playstation game to play. However, times are changing, and I need to change with the times. I just … I feel like a traitor but I just … do not really want to play Final Fantasy IX right now. The problem is, I do not know what I want to play.

Here I am, Nate’s most darling of doves, metaphorical cap in hand to ask you what am I to do? What games do you turn to when you are under the weather and just want to curl up with a blanket and a good game? Mindless fun like Flower? Mindless tedium like Pokemon? An epic adventure to distract your brain like Kingdom Hearts? Would you prefer to shoot Lusipurr in the face in Team Fortress 2 or Halo? I must admit, the thought of exploding that guy does make me feel better already.

I realize that the stereotypical thing to do would be fix myself a bowl of potato-and-bacon soup and continue reading Northanger Abbey, or maybe turn on a movie. But my brain is just wired for gaming. I need my medicine, and that seems to be it. So lay it on me, what games are your “comfort food” when you feel sick, or maybe sad. Do you game to get over a bad breakup, or to relieve stress after (or during) finals? Or are you a poser who only plays games when bored?


  1. When all you eat is potatoes, your immune system suffers …

    -My comfort food is FFVII-FFX (particularly FFX), and the beginning portions of KH 1&2.

    -You should really know intuitively what you want to play though, it’s different for all people, and if you don’t know instinctually what you want to play, then perhaps you don’t want to play anything.

  2. My new comfort game is Scott Pilgrim vs The World. It’s reminicsent of an old Jackie Chan game I had on the GBA when I was too young to know any better, so it’s nostaglic and quality gaming.

  3. Maybe you have like a sense of what kind of game you want to play, but not specifically? I get that a lot. Then I ignore it and play LittleBigPlanet.

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