Review: Professor Layton and the Unwound Future

Nintendo and Level-5 bring players another adventure in the lives of Professor Herschel Layton and Luke with the recent release of Professor Layton and the Unwound Future.

Players can interact with the environments using the touchscreen controls of the Nintendo DS

Unwound Future places players in the shoes of Professor Layton and his assistant Luke as they try to solve the mysteries of a disappearing prime minister and the fact that the duo are supposedly sent ten years into the future.  The game is played using touchscreen to interact with characters on the screen or solve the brainteaser puzzles that are the real pull to the game.  These puzzles are how the story progresses, often times requiring the player to complete a puzzle or have a certain number solved before being allowed to get past a certain point.  In addition to the normal puzzles of the game, players can also attempt to complete three minigames.  These include a sticker book that tells a story when all the stickers are in the right place, a toy car race track, and a parrot who acts as a delivery system for characters in the game.  The three minigames are a nice way to cool down after some of the more difficult puzzles in the main game.

There are even more animated cutscenes and voice acting in this addition to the series.  This is very good thing, as both the animated cutscenes and the voice acting helped the previous games in the series feel more than just a typical puzzle game.  The fact that there is an intriguing story and mystery to the game will help a lot of potential players get into the game.  It may even make some younger players who would never have played a puzzle game in their entire life want to use logical thinking to solve a puzzle and continue the story.

"This finger was up Motok's BUTT!"

There are really no bad elements to this game.  The only negative thing this reviewer can think of is the fact that some of the puzzles seem a bit easier than those of the previous version, but there are still some difficult ones that will make the player think for quite some time.  What makes the series so popular is the fact that they are puzzle games with an intriguing storyline and characters, which is even more apparent in this part of the series.  For anyone looking for a great game in the Nintendo DS, this is a great choice.


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  2. Without giving away any spoilers, it is an emotional ending. Especially if you have followed the series from the beginning.

    Also, Ethan is gay as hell.

  3. “Especially if you have followed the series from the beginning.”

    How so? If I make this my first foray into the series am I going to be missing anything?

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