MAP Episode 84: The Real News

...and this is why we are game journalists.
What he said.

Download Link: Produced 2010.09.26

With virtually no gaming industry news to report on, the podcast panel decides to try their hand at the grown-up job of reporting the real news. Now, is your home for world news and weather from several days ago!


  1. You know, of course, that every single one of your readers and podcast listeners would buy a Nate Liles CD.

  2. Listening now and live-commenting…

    Retarded Virginia woman (redundant) executed. Isn’t an IQ of 70 above average in Virginia? I’ve been to Virginia a few times and while there I constantly found myself asking, “This bridge/structure/vehicle/food wasn’t built/designed/maintained/prepared by a Virginian was it?” and declining to use it for fear of my personal safety if the answer was in the affirmative. I’m not saying all people in Virginia are frightfully unintelligent, just everyone there now (and back then).

    I think we can all agree that Katy Perry has boobs and that Oliver Montok is a boob.

    $@!& Sunrise, FL if that’s its real name!

    I’m glad Lady Gaga…no, actually I’m not glad about anything related to him/her/it. I like the Iranian President. He says stuff that’s either completely accurate, but politically incorrect so then I get to see/hear hilarious denunciations by domestic politicians. Or they’re batshit crazy (the 9/11 one) and themselves hilarious.

    Screw the spacestation! Seriously, crash it into the Aussie desert and be done with it already.

    w00t! Hobbit Time!™ loli Hobbits sound frightening.

    The Commonwealth Games stuff in India made me actually LOL. “Paw prints from an unidentified animal.” LOL. Note to Jenifer: That’s called an “upperdecker.”

    I’ll close my windows due to the Nate farting wind advisory. I really like the heatwave we had this past week. I’m in PA and its gotten all rainy and shitty out since.

    I wish I lived in Britain. If the proper authorities have time to investigate pussy coloring incidents there must not be much crime. They should probably try discussing movies with motorists instead though.

    Which post by Darth Lane? Also, it was indeed what she said! Oh, snap!

  3. Everyone wants to come to Florida because I’m here. (Please help me…I’m trapped…someone?)

    Thanks for the weather report. It really helped. Of course the weather here is pretty crappy at the moment.

    I honestly don’t understand why people would dye their animals, but as long as it’s not going to poison it, I guess that’s their call. soundtrack featuring Don’t You Put it in Your Mouth and Nate Liles singing a collection Lady Gaga tunes. Order now!

    Man…I hope gaming news picks up soon.

  4. I dyed a pet rat green for a highschool art project in senior year with food coloring. True story. Nobody seemed to care, including Cid, my pet rat. I don’t remember why I named him Cid, but I assure you it wasn’t Airship related.

  5. @EP: Good point about the British authorities. They must be really bored.

    Also, I still prefer the TWiT pronunciation of the Iranian president’s name: Im-a-dinner-jacket

  6. -I must admit to also being quite fond of Ahmedinejad, the guy’s just such an unrepentant dick.

    -Also, I’d wager that his views on 9/11 probably put him in lock-step with several hundred small, southern state, militias.

    -Also, the MAP format works splendidly with real news.

    -Also, a Cobra was found in the South African’s rooms at the Commonwealth Games athlete’s village.

  7. Speaking of my fair land, did any of you guys hear about the woman who threw a cat into a wheelie bin?
    And you know I would buy twenty million of those NATE LILES CDs.
    And Lusipurr, I do have to apologize, since my poster for the site got removed twenty minutes after the convention began, because apparently, one can quite happily walk around an animè convention like the Assassin’s Creed guy in Mega64 with a big sign saying “The Seagulls are phrophecising your Doom!”, but sticking up a poster with tape instead of Blu-Tack is VERBOTEN. Sorry. :{

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