Editorial: Good Superhero Games

Recently I have been playing through Batman: Arkham Asylum for the second time, and the second time is just as good as the first.  However, it got me thinking that I have not played a whole lot of superhero games that are actually good.  In fact, they are usually horrible.  Here, I have listed three of my favorite superhero games.

A monumental picture of the moment Bup (left) and Lusipurr (right) form Lusipurr.com

1. Batman: Arkham Asylum (XBox 360, PS3, PC)This is an amazing stealth-action game set in the famous Arkham Asylum.  Everything about this game is amazing, from the graphics to the controls.  Even those who are not Batman fans will have a great experience with this game, and fans of the franchise have a lot of hidden nods to the series to find.

2. X-Men: Arcade Game (Arcade) – I remember dropping coin after coin into this game at the local mall arcade with my friends as a kid.  It was especially fun when playing with five others for the six player co-op with all your favorite mutants.  Not only did this game have fun, addictive gameplay, but it brought the X-Men franchise to a game that was actually good.

3. X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse (PS2, Xbox, GameCube) – The first installment in this series was amazing, and the sequel just improved on everything that was good about the first.  Blending great controls with action-RPG gameplay, the game allowed four players to jump right into the action and play as their favorite mutant.

So, my dearest of doves, what do you think?  What are some of your favorite superhero games?  What are some of your least favorite?  Who (or what) is your favorite superhero/heroine?  Tell me in the comments below!


  1. You should have included a picture of you and Jennifer.

  2. @Ethos: Especially now that Nate’s been working out and has shaved his beard. He really looks exactly like Batman.

  3. New Bup would kick Survival Motok’s ass back into the stone age. Or Tennessee. Same difference, really.

  4. I didn’t get very far in X-Men Legends II, I found it to be vastly inferior to its predecessor.

    X-Men Legends, however, was a great game.

  5. Freedom Force, yo!

    Actually only played it once when it came out (2000 or something), so it might have aged badly, but it was great back then.

  6. @Bup I’m not really sure. I haven’t played either in a long time, to be fair. It could be that, after Legends I, I just didn’t feel like playing another one of that type of X-Men based WRPG. Legends II just didn’t seem as fun. I may give both games a try in the near future and see if my opinion changes. I tend to like games that I try now that I used to think were mediocre and bad.

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