MAP Episode 86: Nate Bakes a Pie

This picture accurately captures how Lusipurr felt when listening to this podcast.

Yep. It's another Megaphones Ahoy! Podcast.

Download Link: Produced 2010.10.10

DISCLAIMER: The content of this podcast, the news covered within it, and the opinions expressed by Messrs. Liles, Taylor, Herrell, and Biggs, are not representative of Lusipurr,, the Megaphones Ahoy! Podcast, or the International Community.

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35 comments on “MAP Episode 86: Nate Bakes a Pie”

  1. The panel is stupid. I’ve got a stack of things sitting here to go out, and everyone is going to get theirs.

  2. I haven’t listened to the podcast yet, but wanted to suggest a pie recipe. Pinacolada pie!

    One can crushed pineapple
    1 cup sweetened, shredded coconut
    1/4 cup dry milk powder
    1 Tbsp lemon juice
    1 Tbsp corn starch

    Stir to combine, put into a pie crust and bake ~35 minutes at 350 or until it looks done.

  3. I think it’s worth waiting for one with a decent battery life, one shouldn’t have to spend their portable gaming tethered to the wall.

  4. It’s good to hear Nate’s Lady Gaga news go uninterrupted.

    And I’m not buying a 3DS until I have the money to do so.

  5. @Lusi: When isn’t the panel stupid?

    @Evilpaul: That sounds like an interesting idea…I’m guessing you keep the juice from the pineapple and don’t drain it off?

    I’ll probably be an early adopter of the 3DS, but not a day one purchase for me.

  6. Gee thanks Dan! It isn’t enough that we have to cop that attitude from our absentee boss, we are now subjected to a drubbing from listeners as well … I think I’m starting to sound like Square Enix …

  7. @DanChiSao,
    Yep! I should have mentioned it, but use crushed pineapple in its own juices (not heavy syrup or something). The pie ends up being creamy and slightly sweet, but not overpowering with coconut pineappley goodness. I may try adding baking powder to it next time I make it to make it rise and be a little fluffier, but it’s pretty nice as is, really.

  8. @DanChiSao: The panel is ALWAYS stupid. If nothing else, the Megaphones Ahoy! Podcast is consistent.

    @Deimosion: Shut up! Don’t encourage Bup’s Gagaphilia!

    @EvilPaul: Give me a recipe that doesn’t involve the filthy abomination commonly known as ‘pineapple’.

    I spend way too much time at the post office these days.

  9. I’m with Lusipurr, actually. The ONLY good pineapple I’ve ever had was in Hawaii.

  10. Lucipurr….Sean for the first time EVER, I’ve deleted a podcast before fully listening to it. after 5 minutes of that and the FUBAR of the previous one, I won’t listen to another show until Nathaniel Bartholemuel Liles the lady gaga ass kisser is gone from the show perminently. I’ve listened to your podcast since #1, but no more. I don’t need to hear a cow-chewing, lazy, insecure jabba wanna-be when I work, to be hosting your cast. if this’ll be the format from now on, then go back to rpgcast and let them enjoy their 0 out of 5 ratings for the travisty this has become. dealing with the females I can stand, but bupples the wonderslug? it’s a wonder he can get dressed by himself, much less have a steady job.

  11. Those concerned need not fear, I am back from my time off the site to host the podcast again.

    Though it is worth noting that I think it is a good idea to occasionally change things up a bit if only to 1) give myself some much-needed time off and 2) to keep things fresh.

  12. Harsh, Drachon. Every podcast has its good and bad episodes. Bup did a damn fine job as a host in #85, I thought, it’s just that he had a coughing problem and he(and the panel as a whole) had a focus problem. Bad episodes happen to good podcasts, Bup on his own is certainly no reason to not listen.

  13. Ouch. That was a little rough, Drachonus. Yeah, it wasn’t the best episode ever, but man, I didn’t realize that podcasting was such srs bzns.

    I agree with Deimosion. Bup really does deserve some credit for the way he hosted #85.

  14. What is it about nerd rage that makes people incapable of spelling?

  15. Perhaps people incapable of spelling are just prone to nerd rage?

  16. I refuse to listen to this podcast as well, under the following conditions:

    1) Bup doesn’t belch at some point
    2) Bup doesn’t randomly tell someone to shut up
    3) Bup doesn’t call someone an idiot for no, but every, reason
    4) Bup takes this douchenozzle Drachonus’s waste of bytes comment personally.

  17. and

    5) The women of MAP take this blatantly trollish comment about “dealing with the females” personally.

    That one was absolutely trollishly absurd.

  18. I do wonder where the thinly veiled contempt for the fairer sex comes from … perhaps he has mother issues? Perhaps NATE LILES had carnal knowledge of his mother? o_O

  19. I can’t imagime Nate would waste his time on that persons mother.

    However, Nate Liles can have my mothers number, home address and favorite cholcolate/flower information anytime he wants.

  20. Hey-hey guys, let’s all calm down.
    We’re all friends here, except for those of us who are enemies.
    So let’s just relax. We’re here to have a good time. No reason for anyone to get bent out of shape. :)

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