LUSIPURR WEEK: The Wonderful Friends of Emperor Lusipurr

what is this I don't even
Lusi's Birthday Celebration, Brought to You By Peter Molyneux

Produced 2010.10.23

After much debate on how to properly celebrate the ancient life of Grandpa Lusipurr, his faithful readers came to the conclusion that the answer was not to send him a box of pictures of their dicks with ribbon tied around them. Instead, as a way of thanks for the site he has created and the many hours he spends every week toiling over podcasts for our enjoyment, a group of such readers contacted me about creating a special birthday podcast. So we began recording…and then quickly realized that we are just evil and subjecting Lusipurr to the same thing he subjects us to every week. Though rest assured, we now understand that warm and special feeling Lusi gets when he has to edit out Lady Gaga news and fart noises every week. Except we left in most of the dick jokes.

So ladies and gentlemen, brace for impact: it’s the Birthday Wankfest! We’re sorry!


  1. This week, the horror goes through your eye AND ear holes!

  2. Quick correction for you lot:

    Darth (I think) said that there hasn’t been a purely turn-based (i.e. non-active) battle system since Final Fantasy III (NES). Even if we don’t consider games outside of the main series (such as FFTactics, FFUSA/MysticQuest), there’s the far more glaring exception of FFX, which has a purely turn-based, non-active battle system.

    I’m liking FFX more and more as the years go by, probably because it compares very favourably to FFXIII and FFXIV.

  3. What do you mean “Darth(I think)”? Have we not already had the discussion about the Gibblet’s magnificent melodious voice? Through our various Skype chats leading to the recording of this podcast, we all admitted to reading in his voice at least once.

  4. I listened to this podcast when I was in bed with my girlfriend. Needless to say, I didn’t pay as much attention to the podcast as it (probably) deserves, so I’ll be listening again once it hits the main server in about 10 minutes.

  5. Well he certainly can’t take it in the mouth, what if it were to damage his beautiful vocal cords?

  6. The podcast is now hosted officially, and has been entered in the RSS list of Canon Episodes as MAP Episode S1. (As such, it is available for download on iTunes.)

    * * *

    I want to thank everyone who participated in this podcast. It honestly was a complete surprise and is probably one of the best birthday presents I have ever received.

    Seriously, I’m touched (in a wholly appropriate way). Thank you Darth, RBK, Deimosion, and Biggs.

    Best podcast ever! Buy an internet for this podcast!

  7. Woot! It was so good that it actually made it to the official podcast feed!? Awesome! That makes it even more worth the time that went into it!

    I’m happy to hear you enjoyed it so much! And believe me, it was hard to keep it a secret! Honestly I’m surprised you never caught on to what we were doing.

    We had a great time recording it for you, and I think it shows.

    Once again, Happy Birthday Lusipurr!

  8. Also, Discless NetFlix came out on Wii, PSN, and 360 all on the same day, without any fanfare whatsoever for the non-360 versions, for some reason. No system update necessary, it’s just there under Video by default, and the disc refers you to it instead of working.

  9. Yeah, I was surprised I didn’t need to update or download anything to use netflix on the PS3.

  10. @Lusi: I’m glad you like it so much :D. We honestly thought we were busted when we merged you into that skype call earlier this week :F. And for the FFX thing, I was more just referring to the norm for the series than any specific game, but yeah, FFX was definitely turn-based, and I thought it worked really well because of it.

    I was trying to find a good way to segue into the 3DS news, but I’m no pun master like Eric. Next time!

    Even after asking for it for so long, I still haven’t tried the Netflix PS3 streaming yet. I haven’t had any time pretty much this entire week when I’ve just sat down with the intention of watching TV.

    @Jenifer: How do you think my vocal chords became so amazing to begin with?

  11. @Darth: Netflix streaming on PS3 is very nice, and the interface upgrades over the disc version are an improvement!

  12. Wow, this made it into the main canon feed! Thanks Lusipurr!

  13. -While the Panasonic Jungle might be designed for MMOs, it’s hardly likely to be a locked platform. Many people have been speculating that this might be a platform to watch for homebrew and emulation.

    -If you still play Goldeneye 64, why the hell haven’t you upgraded to Goldeneye Source?! All you need is a legally purchased Source game off of Steam, and you can then mod it into a HD recreation of Goldeneye!

    -My general rule of thumb is that Pachter is always an idiot.

    -How about those melons!

  14. I played Goldeneye Source, and enjoyed it. Problem is though, my friends that I still play Goldeneye with all have shitty computers, so they can’t run source games. The only person who could run source games, and was willing to give the mod a try, had problems installing the mod so we never got a chance to play it.

    So Goldeneye for the Wii will be a better option, as my friends won’t need steam, or a better computer, or the technical know-how to get a source mod installed.

  15. Happy birthday, Lusi!

    As far as the 3DS goes, I think I’m probably most excited for the Professor Layton/Ace Attorney crossover game that Level-5 announced.

    I thought the Mr. Driller banner was humorous and cute. I don’t think it was inappropriate at all. People are idiots.

    After sitting through this, I need to go get some melon.

  16. I find it slightly ironic knowing how useful Mr. Driller would have been to them a few weeks earlier.

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