Review: Costume Quest

Double Fine and THQ add some fun to the spooky Halloween season with the recent release of Costume Quest for the XBox Live Arcade and the PlayStation Network.

The kids transform into their costumes during battles.

Costume Quest allows players to take control of either Reynold or Wren, who are identical twins, on Halloween night.  Whichever twin the player doesn’t choose to control dresses as a piece of candy, who is then kidnapped by a gang of monsters.  The player’s twin must then save his or her sibling with the help of other costumed neighborhood kids, all while trying to get the most candy from the neighborhood houses.  The player can also collect parts and designs for other costumes, all of which have special abilities which will aid the player in both battle and the exploration map.

The battle is where the game really takes off.  The kids transform into whatever costume they are wearing, such as a giant robot or a knight.  The fights play out like most other turn-based RPGs, but with a bit of a twist.  During most attacks the player can press a button to do more damage to their attacks or block an incoming attack by an enemy.  The battles give the player experience points that make the twin stronger and candy, which is the game’s currency.

The graphics are cartoony, but fit the style of the game perfectly.

Overall, Costume Quest is an amazing downloadable RPG.  It is long enough to be worth the price and has a lot of replay value with all the costume pieces to find.  The battle system is not the most unique in the world, as it has been done by many games in the past, but it is still a lot of fun.  For anyone looking for a great downloadable title, this is a great choice.


  1. Had a great time with it. I agree except for the replay value. But that might be because I 100%’d it the first time, so there’s nothing more to see.

    The fry costume is badass.

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