MAP Episode 90: Congratulations!

The official Xbox position is not to be confused with the Party Escort Submission Position. It also gives new meaning to the words 'cop a squat'.
Assume the position!

Download Link: Produced 2010.11.07

The countdown to the 100th Episode begins with the release of Microsoft Xbox Kinect. When no one on the staff buys it, the panel searches high and low for someone foolish enough to have purchased it. And they find that person in Oliver Motok.


  1. Someone was satisfied with FFXIV…somehow. There are 3 80+ scores. I don’t get it.

    Isn’t my state great? I love living in Florida. It totally deserves its own Fark tag.

    I never played 7th Guest, but I wanted to. I’ll have to consider getting the iPhone version.

  2. @Lusi: I heard stories about the soup can puzzle from Clock Tower. Things like that are the reason I never played it. I know I’d never have the patience to finish something like that without just resorting to a guide every 5 minutes. Glad it’s coming out for the iOS, though. More people can get a chance to try it out!

  3. It makes sense, what with all the pointing and clicking. The touchscreen’s not that great for, say, 3rd person action games, but adventure games fit really well on it, you know?

  4. @Lane: Famous in Poland – you have reached a new high. Or maybe a low, depending on how you see it.
    And did Oliver Unemployed Eeyore can’t-answer-the-phone-too-busy-playing-COD Motok really buy Kinect? Isn’t his life miserable enough already?

  5. @Kenju: I feel certain that Oliver Motok was there, in line, to purchase Kinect on DAY 1, as was his fellow member of the cult of NOVELTY, Ethan Pipher.

  6. Somewhere, in a log cabin deep in the heart of Appalachia, Oliver Motok is dancing around, naked, in front of his Kinectbox360. Imagine that.

    Now you will never be able to close your eyes again.

  7. If by heart of Appalacia you mean the hungry depths of Ethan’s gaping maw …

  8. Any specs out on the 3DS yet? It’s supposed to be quite a bit beefier, so I’m curious whether it’ll be fast enough to run homebrew apps like a PSX or N64 emulator? Not that there’s any games I can think of I’d want to play on the latter.

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