Editorial: FABLE WEEK — Lane’s Fable III Review

The game sucks moose antler. Do not buy it.

The Canadian Moose’s Union Local #367 just called to tell me they were offended by the thought that I would foist a Molyneaux-perpetrated antler sucking on them. They have fairly powerful counsel, so I am caving to their moose-mands.

The review is hereby changed to:

“Instead of Fable III game, case contained steaming pile of reindeer poop. … Would not buy again.”

The Moose’s Union would like to further state that reindeer and/or caribou smell funny and have inappropriate relations with holiday figures.

Fable III sucks
Seriously, does this look fun to anyone? Bueller? Bueller?


  1. No one ever gets to bitch about the length of my posts again. This one makes up for last Christmas’ post.

  2. You risk upsetting the Reindeer nightsoil fertilizer trade …

  3. Meh. I’ve already taken a potshot at Finland once on here. I figure if they’re not sending the Hakepellita after me yet I’m probably OK.

  4. At least Poland likes it. With any luck, we’ll start a gaming war.

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