News: FABLE WEEK: Finally Something Lusi Approves Of

To bring our amazing Fable week to a fantastic close, Eurogamer gives us a most amazing interview with Peter ‘Pedobear’ Molyneux which sheds some light on Lusipurr’s future incarceration.

Fable 3 Molyneux
He's reaching for your gentlemen vegetables, beware kiddies.

Many industry professionals were asked about what game they felt was the most prolific and what they would hope to accomplish in their career. For Molyneux, the answer is ICO.

“You go back to that title and have a look at it…It broke every rule of gaming,” he said of the nine-year-old title. He goes on to praise its minimal dialogue, unique manner of gameplay, and mystical environment. “It was genius and it still remains of work of genius.

“If I made something like ICO, I’d be very happy to die.”

So, our lovable Lusi-sprites, how can we help Peter Molyneux achieve his dream of making an amazing game like ICO? While Fable has made lots of money, enough to spawn two sequels, this game clearly is not the way to go for ol’ Pedoneux. It is our mission as Lusipurr’s faithful drones to help make this happen!

Though we all know Lusi does not care about whether Pete dies happy, as long as he and the Fable series dies, miserable or not.


  1. Did anyone see the pedophilia guide on Amazon the other day? Ghostwritten, perhaps, by a Mr. Molyneaux?

    I refuse to read it, but maybe someone has… can you tell me, does it contain an overly simplistic morality system?

  2. Lane’s estimation of our readers is even lower than mine, if he thinks some of them are BUYING manuals on pedophilia.

  3. I’d be surprised if the actual author wasn’t one of my readers.

  4. Ethan and Oliver wrote it, they’re homosexualists, and eveyone knows that homosexualists are also paedophiles!

  5. “He’s reaching for your gentlemen vegetables, beware kiddies.”
    quote from the picture. I’m wondering what Disease makes your gentlemen vegetables glow?

  6. The scene must be lit by ultraviolet lighting, that would show up the luminous sperm stains on Molyneux’s cum encrusted gloves.

  7. @EvilPaul: Are you sure that isn’t actually just a screenshot from Fable itself? It seems like something Molyneux would enjoy!

  8. Although it has the gritty realism Molyneux loves there’s no complex morality system or growing trees. :(

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