Editorial: Better Than Fable

G’day, Lusi-sprites.

Well, Fable Week is behind us, and we can all breathe a sigh of relief and get back to the quality games that we usually discuss here. Games such as Harvest Moon, The Sims, and Flower. Yes folks, happy days are here again! So what shiny happy game am I going to babble about today? Sorry, Julian, it is not going to be The Sims. Maybe next week, if you’re good.

Earthbound > Fable
I, in my capacity as Moose Antler-in Chief of Lusipurr.com I would like to motion that we treat ourselves to Earthbound or Mother week. Realizing that this is a strict dictatorship and not a democracy, feel free to keep your peasant opinions to yourselves. These games are excellent, gods among mere mortals such as Fable. The Fable heroes should be shining Lucas’ shoes, or polishing Ness’ bat. (Mind out of the gutter, you filthy plebes)

Earthbound is readily available via SNES ROMs, and Mother 3 is available as a patched GBA ROM. For those among us who try to stay on the right side of the law (good alignment is for sissies, but whatever) you can take comfort in the fact that Mother was never released in English territories. If you wish to offer financial support for the folks behind the translation project, I am sure Lusipurr will be around to instruct you on where and how to purchase some of their swag.

In these days of homogenized, Grand Theft God of Duty Fantasy-vania games, where innovation is sorely lacking, and originality and spunk are non-existent, the Earthbound games are a breath of fresh air. I strongly encourage you all to pick up a copy of Earthbound or Mother 3 and give it a try. If you have previously played these games, play them again for a bit, recharge your gamer batteries with a good game, before you go back to the shovelware.


  1. I’ve been playing Earthbound Zero over at a friend’s house. It’s surprisingly good although I’m only about an hour or so into it. I haven’t had so much fun killing shit in the face with a baseball bat since Final Fantasy VII back in 1997.

    P.S. You kids get off mah lawn.

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