Editorial: General Shareholder Meetings


He cuts a forlorn figure ...
I will do better next time!


As I was eschewing Xbox Live,

I met a man with seven lives.

Seven abortions did he spin,

Seven times he failed to win.

Seven seasons at the helm,

Saw dissolution to his realm.

And when required to give account,

Quite the defence did he mount.

Market forces were afoot,

To leach the sales of his output.

“Gamers no longer want to have fun,

Everyone wants TUNNEL RUN!

To perform we must commit to FOCUS TEST,

Only then will we function at our best.”

The listless throng stirred in consternation,

Then an investor gave word to castigation:

“This farce has run to the absurd!”

“Just a minute, hold your Horsebirds,

Our business model going forward is sound,

We will “fix” FFXIV into the ground.

And then to further raise the bar,

We’ll release MOAR WESTERN games like TLR.”

The room now fell into disquiet,

As still one fellow would not buy it:

“You’ve been seen to fail at every test,

How can you think your leadership is best?”

“Au contraire mon ami,

I’m just the man, can you not see?

I’ve promised profit to my men,

So INDUSTRY must follow then.

But if profits are to be maintained,

We must have greater output of games!

Now cease all prattle and histrionics,

And have faith in my voodoo economics.”

Wherein Yoichi Wada wins over a scathing audience.



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