MAP Episode 93: Bup is Thankful

Rook, is Boppy Corwen, famous Japnese Chocopo! Buy Finar Fantasy Now for GOOD HAPPINESS!
A Horsebird

Download Link: Produced 2010.11.28

This Thanksgiving, a short podcast to listen to during the interminable driving from relative to relative. Nate is thankful for Microsoft Nazi Swastika Penis, and Lusi is thankful for Final Fantasy XIV Item Sorting Horsebird Developers. Enjoy!


  1. I’m thankful for Lady Gaga news.

    I’m glad you are covering how badly Square Enix continues to botch FFXIV because I can’t get anywhere near it. I regret ever being excited about the game at this point.

    Also, everyone loves hates Bup.

  2. You’d better be thankful for that Lady Gaga news! I only left it in because it is Thanksgiving and I wanted to be nice to Bup.


  3. EVERYONE loves hates Lady Gaga. And NATE LILES.

    Ergo, Lusipurr also loves hates Lady Gaga. And NATE LILES. Flawless logic is flawless.

  4. This week, I played: World of Warcraft, Team Fortress 2, and Chrono Trigger DS, and I loved all of them.

    Bup played “Get drunk at Luna,” and broke his old record.

  5. Everyone does not not undislike HATES Lady Gaga. And NATE LILES! :D
    Let’s see you cope with THAT!

    Request granted! ~L

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