MAP Episode 94: Mahomet Says Meow

If it wasn't certain before, it is now: we *are* going to Hell.
Chibi Jesus

Download Link: Produced 2010.12.05

Legal Eagle Lane and Australian SiliconNooB match wits in a podcast completely jam-packed with all of the news YOU want to know about, including: Guiness, Cricket, Television Sets, Cats, Theology, Cellular Phones, Web Browsers, Sheep, and GAMING, too!

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Do you want a Winter game playthrough? If so, now is your chance to speak up. Leave a comment below, decalring your playthrough desire as per the podcast:

– I want to do a playthrough of Xenogears.
– I want to do a playthrough of Final Fantasy IX.
– I want to do a playthrough of World of Warcraft: Cataclysm.
– I don’t want to do a playthrough.

Thank you! Your input will be considered (and promptly dispensed with, in all likelihood) during the decision-making process (i.e. when I arbitrarily make up my mind).


  1. Er…hmm. Well, I won’t vote for IX, the site already did a playthrough of that.

    The site should do a playthrough of Final Fantasy! There are enough versions of that out that it should be easily accessible to most people…

  2. Moogles make a small cameo in Final Fantasy XIII. They make one very brief appearance in the game during the Pompa Sancta, and there is also shop called Moogleworks in the Retail Network. They also appear as a valuable item called a “Moogle Puppet”, which can be sold for a premium.

    Now that you mention it, I seem to recall seeing them during the Pompa Sancta.

    However, Moogleworks and Moogle Puppets are not real Moogles, and thus do not count.

  3. Well, Xenogears. Not only it is a great game that many need to play (even Disc 2), it is not that hard to get, even if you can’t get it from ebay or amazon… I mean, you have the internet right there….

    …sure… I am being improper… says the site with the Swasdicka.

  4. Yes, downloading PSX ISOs can be a useful tool for anyone who already owns a PHYSICAL COPY OF THE GAME and is looking for an electronic copy for back-up purposes, emulation, or use with the PSP. :)

  5. Yeah, Lusipurr has already said no playthroughs if the game is one that is only reasonably obtained for a decent price and not illegally. Xenogears is not cheap, and I don’t think it’s on PSN.

    If anything, you should do FFX-2 to celebrate 2011! (I mean, come on, you can’t force the staff and readers through FFXI, that’s just cruel!)

    @Lane There’s room for more than one adorable, lovable nuisance!

  6. @Deimosion: A complete copy of Xenogears can be purchased used on Amazon for about $40. If you want the discs only, it is less.

    That’s 1/3 less than ‘full price’ for a new game, and reasonable enough.

    We’re not doing X-2 or XI. You may love decent gameplay enough to deal with forty hours of absolutely TERRIBLE story, but few others do.

  7. “@Lane There’s room for more than one adorable, lovable nuisance!”

    And that second slot is filled by NATE LILES. Any more adorable would be pretty redundant at this point.

    -Also, I hear that FFIX is pretty damn affordable these days …

  8. @Lusi Ah, I thought I remembered it being way more. $40 for a PS1 game is a bit much, but not terribly unreasonable

    Also, of course I was kidding about X-2, even I’m not that cruel. And an MMO just seems like a bad suggestion, especially one as bad as XI.

  9. I’m only ~45 minutes into the podcast. Two comments so far.

    1) Final Fantasy VII & VIII are not Square-Enix games. Although the vile detritous that is Compilation of VII is.

    2) The FBI’s been manufacturing “terrorists” for years. It’s what happens when you increase your Joint Anti-Terrorism Task Forces in manpower by 5x since 9/11 when there’s sort of few if any actual terrorists to do Joint Task Force stuff against. Literally every “homegrown” terrorist with the exception of the “19th hijacker” has been some person or persons given a plan, encouragement, technical expertise, material support, and financial support by the FBI.

    I’m not sure who in the media actually acknowledges this though. All the media reports I’ve seen are unquestioning and uninquisitive. They range from matter of factually stating what the FBI claims is true to enthusiastically celebrating it (Fox News).

    Glenn Greenwald points out about this latest case that the due to “technical difficulties”, the tape of the FBI giving the Oregon “terrorist” the potential “out” to avoid making the thing entrapment was conveniently lost. Probably a hundred other tapes of mundane shit, but the crucial “this isn’t a bullshit show trial for stupid ‘merkins!!!” one is lost. Surely, a coincidence.

    Anyway, back to the podcast!

    Also, I vote for a Xenogear playthrough. did an FFIX playthrough already and WoW is rubbish.

  10. -Prototype was more fun that Infamous, but Infamous was a better game than Prototype, if that makes sense.

    -I know a few people at work with just 360s and no PS3s. I think this generation, there are enough cross platform games to where you can really get by on having either and not feel like you’re missing out on much

    – I’ve been saying for a while now I’d want a TV with a PS2 in it (and a decent DLNA client). I’d much rather companies add features like that to TVs than 3D or making the resolution whatever’s after 1080p.

    – I’ve been running off an SSD for the better part of this year and I already can’t go back to running Windows off of a traditional disk drive. My solution to the logevity issue is to not have anything of value on my windows machine’s hard drive. Something like 90% of the drive space is taken up by Steam games, which I just redownload if anything happens to the drive :D

    – I find sheep men incredibly seductive!

    – The reason Lane knows about Japanese beers is, much like Jane Goodall and the gorillas, he’s lived among the otakus until he was accepted as one of them. Unlike Jane Goodall, he plans on selling the whole lot of them out to poachers for a huge profit.

    – If we wanted to try something different playthrough-wise, we could do something along the lines of KoTOR or Deus Ex or something else that’s cheap and available on Steam. Steam’s got the annual holiday sale coming up and I’m sure there will be some spectacular deals there worth playing.

  11. No, no, the Otaku would never allow that … I’m still waiting for their demands for a Love Plus playthrough … D:

  12. I’d be up for a Planescape playthrough if I wasn’t already about 80% of the way through one :D. I’ll probably be done with that before Christmas comes around (hopefully).

  13. PSX ISOs? I meant buying it from other auctions sites from the internet… yeah…

    Really now, a FFVI playthrough would be awesome. The GBA version is readily available.

  14. @Deimosion: I’ll make YOU an option!

    @Lusi: That video’s awesome. I like to think that’s what Lane does in his free time.

  15. -Lol, why so many Sankaku stories this week?

    -This week is weeaboo news, when the staff’s resident weeaboo is gone? Wat.

    -Chav nicked me mobile!

  16. @DG: You’re not wrong. I am a judoka/kenjutsu student, and sadly, all koryu bugei and quite a few gendai bugei are populated by otaku. My Japanese class at UT was also about half otaku, half actual East Asians that were desperately lusted after by smelly people. My professor and I had great fun making sport of them in the oral exams. I can walk among them by saying things like, “Oh yes, I do enjoy the occasional anime” and “Yes, when I order sushi, I avoid California rolls like the plague.”

    But I am not them. Hentai does nothing for me. I have never, ever thought that a dating sim game was a good idea. Nippon Ichi Soft is the devil and responsible for at least two-fifths of the evil in the world. Neon Genesis Evangelion was pointlessly dense and stemmed mostly from Japanese misunderstanding of gnosticism, not some deeper truth about the world. Also, Shinji was a fucking pussy and ruined every scene he was in.

  17. Naturally I excluded myself. I took it because it was a 5 hour class that I could easily get an A in (because I have something of an aptitude for language acquisition), meaning I am a grade-grubbing whore.

  18. To be fair, Shinji was 14. And 14 year olds always ruin everything. Fucking kids these days.

  19. My finals are done and I can finally acknowledge the outside world again!

    One of my close friends has sworn that he will not buy a PS3 because Sony took out linux support and backwards compatibility.

    Your Japanese is impeccable, Lusi.

    I’m glad you’re enjoying Pulse and giving that part of FFXIII its due.

    I’ll finish the podcast when I get home.

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