1. I’m fairly certain that most “conservatives” aren’t Neo-Nazis/White Supremacists. And libertarians aren’t conservatives.

    I’m not sure whether the Thor movie will be any good or not. The Marvel-based movies alternate between a good movie followed by a bad movie. The last one was Spider-man 3? That was pretty bad. So Thor might be good? I very rarely go to see movies in the theatre anymore, so I’ll find out when FX plays it some Saturday two years from now.

    The CCC crying about the Thor movie is the fat old white people version of the fat less old white woman crying about dickwolves. Loud stupid attention whores won’t sway me one way or another. They get ignored.

  2. No, but all neo-Nazis/skinheads are conservative. As are all libertarians. But by conservative I don’t mean American Christian conservative. I mean “right wing” in that they support traditional notions of the ordering of society and capitalism. Ergo, neofascists end up the same place as non-fascist socially liberal libertarians, because libertarians support laissez faire capitalism.

  3. Lusipurr, did you just quote a Tim Allen movie at me? Hitting the ‘nog a little early this Yule, are we?

  4. -BM’s nerdy?! Whaaaaaaaa?


    “(I assume that no girls play FFXIV, because women generally have better taste).”

    -I’m pretty sure that Paws plays FFXIV, though I would not be so bold to venture whether that debunks or supports your assertion …

    “I am sure my readers know by now that fanaticism is something we game reviewers like to throw around callously, like when people attempt to say that Final Fantasy XIV is worthwhile.”

    -I actually came across a member of the Cat Fancy staff (the guy who replaced Oliver Motok) the other day, claiming that Squeeenix charging $9 for an iOS Secret of Mana port represented good value. Cat Fancy has always been somewhat bad in this regard, but these says the site is rotten with SE apologists.

    -I can see how purists might get upset in inaccurate portrayals under some circumstances, but this is is a Marvel film for crying out loud! If a black Heimdall is the most grievous of the film’s crimes then I’ll eat my own hat!

  5. “I want you to hand me my axe. It is the one that says bad motherfucker on it.”
    I spit green tea on my computer cause of that joke and I don’t regret it. thank you good sir.

    I don’t even know what to say about all this nonsense. I feel like I shouldn’t even acknowledge that those assholes exist for one. for two penny arcade raises a good point in sayin even a racist clock is right twice a day. why is this god bein played by a black guy?(and yea I read what Lane said about the black slaves, I still doubt the norse imagined some of their gods fryin everything before they ate) Then I remember the the thor comics are themselves a bastardization of norse mythology so I’m effectively wondering why a bastardization of a bastardization ain’t stickin to the source material and I feel dum :/

  6. There’s two things that stick out to me about this thinking about it further…

    First, there’s plenty of badass actors both male and female of every imagineable ethnic background. Most people would probably agree we shouldn’t treat people better or worse based on such things as where one’s ancestor hailed from.

    Second, this is a feature film adaptation of a comic book that pulls from and reimagines Norse mythology. Thor was an interdimensional alien or something I think in the Marvel-verse? Bitching about the movie makers changing stuff is like bitching about biblical inaccuracies in The Prince of Egypt. So far as I know few if any people pray to or worship Thor, Heimdal, Odin, or whoever and those that do can probably teach their children that Thor The Movie is, in fact, just a movie. Absurd racists’ intarweb boycotts can be safely met with suggestions that they find warning label free buckets to drown themselves in.

    I’m with breaka666. :-P

  7. Kratos is voiced by a black man, perhaps we should burn down Sony?

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