Editorial: One Potato-filled Year Ends, Another Begins …

Hello and Happy Almost New Year, Lusi-sprites. I hope you filthy cretins attend many epic parties, and play many awesome games in the coming year. Unlike Lusipurr, who hates joy. No really, he does. Why else is he re-playing Final Fantasy XIII and trying to convince me to play XIV? He hates joy. Anyway, nevermind that jerk.

It was around this time last year that I posted my New Year’s resolutions, the primary of which was to complete more games. I had some mixed success there, failing to complete some of the games on my list, while completing other games that cropped up unexpectedly this year. (Recettear is the game of the year, buy a computer for this game!) Completing 2/5 is not too bad, is it? Sorry, Disgaea 2, Vagrant Story, and Skies of Arcadia. I tried. Blame Fable, Recettear, Phoenix Wright, Cataclysm, and Xenogears. Recettear is the game of the year, go buy a computer for this game. Capitalism ho, indeed.

I do not really have a resolution for this year. I will continue to appease the Great Potato. In non-gamer topics I would like to try a TurBaconEpic. I was going to give up soft drinks (again) but they are free at work so that ain’t happening … I know! I want to play games more socially. For me this will likely involve being a more active participant in my WoW guilds, playing Team Fortress 2 with you jerks more, and playing more multi-player console games with my friends. I want to be a gamer, but not the sad kinda gamer who hides in a dark basement for days on end with nothing but video games and cheetos.

What about you all? Do you resolve to live your life with more INDUSTRY and PROGRESS? Do you want peace on Earth, or do you resolve to smite more of your foes this year? Either way, Happy New Year and many buttery, baconny blessings upon you.



    Ginia, my resolutions are as follows:

    1) Eat smaller, more healthful meals.
    2) Spend less money on frivolities.
    3) Treat my staff even worse than last year.

    So far, I’m right on target, asshead.

  2. This year for new years, I resolve to be less awesome.

  3. Lusipurr is trying to make you play FFXIV?! That is certainly cruel and unusual.

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