Announcement: No Podcast for Monday, 03 January 2011

To ring in the New Year, Lusipurr’s local pizza parlor decided to give him the best present of all: food poisoning! This means that Lusi has enough shit to deal with this weekend, and as such, he is unable to deal with the shit given to him by his staff members. He apologizes to his loyal listeners and assures that while the podcast will NOT go up on Monday, you can expect a podcast next Monday, 10 January 2011. Thank you for your understanding while our dictator is recuperating.


  1. According to the Jenifer-Butt’s twitars, Haturday’s been delayed a week on account of extreme illness (which must be VERY extreme is he can’t even post or twat). Hope you feel better soon, Lusi! (also, apparently my spell checker hates this power)

  2. Only now able to sit up.

    Sorry that there won’t be a podcast or TF2 this weekend. I was looking forward to both, but spent all last night and all today with explosive diarrhea and vomiting. Consequently, I am not in much shape to do anything at the moment.

    Apologies to all of our readers. As our long-term listeners know, I record podcasts as a rule no matter *how* sick I am. But this weekend is just too much, so we’ll have to give it a miss.

    Thanks for understanding. See you in a week. Good biles.

  3. I told you the botulism and virus-cheese pizza was a bad idea, but what do I know?

  4. @Lane: You also recommended RIBS as a topping, and told me to GRILL the pizza.

    So you’ll forgive me if I don’t take your advice as gospel.

  5. Grilled ribs pizza sounds AMAZING, and if anything, that should be all the proof you need to follow Lane’s advice unquestioningly from now on.

  6. Well, grilling a pizza can and should be done. It’s tough, but it can be done.

    As for ribs, it would be impractical to put whole ribs on the pizza. However, I’m convinced that one could easily throw together a pretty tasty pulled pork pizza topping, or even a rib meat topping, but it’d be easier just to cook the pork in a shoulder or butt roast rather than make ribs and strip the meat.

  7. damn that sounds delicious.

    get better soon Lusi and a loud fuck you to the virus that’s raping your immune system at the moment.