MAP Episode 102: Buy an Internet for This Podcast

Personally, I can't see any evidence that she has been 'sexed up'.
Aya Brea

Download Link: Produced 2011.02.06

Profits tumble, calculus homework is solved, and Aya Brea takes an entirely wholesome shower, whilst Bup, Biggs, and SiliconNooB commentate in this fart-filled romp. Buy a computer, an internet, and an iPod for this podcast!


  1. @Julian: I refuse. In part because Android’s app market is a pain in the ass, but also because I don’t want Lusipurr to get the rakist.

  2. I love this podcasts epic introduction every week, with Jenova, Dancing Mad or Pokemon Battle music leading directly into Ethan Harassment Fart Cast.

    I love it. *ding* $$$$$$$$ Yes!

  3. Five stars! This podcast is AMAZING! It’s easily worth at least *ding* $$$$$.

    Calculus is easy. I don’t see why you’d need help with stuff like that. Though, I would expect no less from people who would play WoW. :D

    GameDevStory was really addicting. I hope they brings the sequel over too. And build in a fart app.

  4. My name is Lusipurr “Emmori” Illingworth, and I approve of bup’s extra-long headset cord.

  5. @Nate: Your impression of me was not even close. You didn’t catch my drawl and twang at all. Keep working on it though.

  6. Just listened to the podcast, it was good, though I imagine there was a lot of editing done by Lusipurr to make it so.

  7. Lusipurr,
    Have you tried FFXI lately? The Abyssean expansions have been surprisingly fun. They even made leveling not take forever. Kill buffalo with 17 other people getting 640 EXP/kill. Then after every five you can talk to the Dominion Op NPC and get 4.5K EXP. Outside the “hey there’s more stuff to grind!” the NM fights and getting new JSE armor is pretty cool.

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