Editoral: Casual Games Can Be Fun!

Hello, my dearest of all doves.  Today I would like to talk to you about casual games.  More specifically, what casual games you enjoy playing.  The reason for this is because I have noticed that lately I play as many casual games as I do the more “hardcore” ones.  Below I have listed some of my favorite casual games, and I would love to hear what casual games you reader enjoy playing the comments below.

1. Angry Birds – I think everyone has heard or played at least one level of this game.  There is something so addicting to launching birds at ball-shaped pigs.

2. Game Dev Story – This is by far one of the best casual games I have every played, as it is a good combination between casual and hardcore.  It is casual enough that one can play it for only a half hour, but hardcore enough that it takes a lot of thinking to do well in the game.

3. Cut the Rope – This is an amazing casual puzzle game.  The controls are a simple tap or swipe of the player’s finger, and the levels are short enough that some take less than a minute to complete.

So, my dear readers, now I would like to hear what you have to contribute.  Are there any casual games that you enjoy as much as the “hardcore” ones?  Do you play one type just as much as the other, or are casual games not an interest to you?  Tell me in the comments below!


  1. Do some of the Flash games on sites like Kongregate and Newgrounds count? Sometimes I’d rather play a short but sweet Flash game as opposed to becoming invested for hours on more conventional games. (Though I sometimes become just as invented on Flash games by accident.)

  2. @Bup: I really like Angry birds. For $1, you get a very entertaining, single-player, physics-based, artillery game. To my mind, that represents an enormous value.

    I have never seen Cut the Rope played, and thus it remains one of those things I am still too skeptical about to bother purchasing. I’m not sure it is the sort of thing I’d like.

    Game Dev Story is something I only hear good things about. Everyone seems to like it, but I still have *no* idea what it even entails!

  3. I get the Angry Birds thing, I just didn’t like it much past 10 minutes. I’m on the exact same page as Lusi with GDS. Only heard great things (especially from SN), but have NO idea what it’s about.

  4. Game Dev Story is essentially a strategy RPG where you play as a game developer. Lots of parodies of old games and systems, such as the company of “Intendo” releasing the “IES.”

  5. I love Game Dev Story. Probably my favorite iPhone game. I hope they translate the sequel, too.

    I got a little bored with Angry Birds, but I can see the draw.

    My flash games of choice tend to be things like Hedgehog Launch or Level Up or something stupid and pointless like Don’t Shit Your Pants.

  6. I want to launch Angry Birds at my readers. Make it so, Finns.

  7. I must have spent nearly 20 hours this week playing Game Dev Story, and I don’t even like casual games. It’s like crack cocaine!

  8. I recently acquired TouchFly for my iPhone which is a blast to play. You basically fly through the sky collecting food while dodging obstacles. All you do is tap the screen to ascend, and let go to descend. The longer you survive, the crazier shit gets.


    And I like Peggle and Bejeweled 3. And Words with Friends.