MAP Episode 104: I Feel So Good

I feel so good.
This is Lusipurr Castle.

Download Link: Produced 2011.02.20

Ginia, Biggs, and the little Australian turd work together to defame and insult everyone under the sun, especially islanders. When their plan for meat syrupification is thwarted, Lusipurr shows up to lend his assistance by renting the site out to Topware.


  1. Mirror’s Edge 2 on iOS…so it’s going to be Canabalt?

    I have very low hopes for the representation of JRPGs in this exhibit. I’d like to see FF6 (not listed in the vote) in there, and there are a few series that aren’t listed at all like Persona. If we’re arguing games as “art,” there’s a case for FFXIII to be included as poor as the story writing was.

    Really? Ghaleon? You might as well have picked Nash.

    Hooray Disgaea Infinite! The writing definitely exceeded my expectations.

  2. I am so glad Nate found a worthy apprentice in Julian. Now the future of mankind is assured.