Review: Bulletstorm

EA, Epic, and People Can Fly satisfy those gamers who are in desperate need of a hardcore action game with the recent release of Bulletstorm for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.

The facial features on characters are quite well done.

Bulletstorm follows the story of space pirate Grayson Hunt who must fight his way off a planet full of mutated humans, all while trying to get revenge on the man who double-crossed him years earlier.  Hunt is aided in his journey by Ishi Sato, a cyborg who is constantly trying to keep his human side in control.  Hunt and Sato accomplish their goals with the help of a plethora of weaponry, such as a quadruple-barrel shotgun, a grenade launcher that fires grenades on chains, and an assault rifle that fires a super-charged shot to burn its victims to ashes.

On its surface, the game is a standard FPS, but once the player gains the ability to use “Skillshots” is when the game begins to stand out from the crowd.  The Skillshots are various ways of killing Hunt’s enemies, the more complex of which gains the player more points.  For example, just simply shooting an enemy to death will gain the player 10 points, but should the player lasso the enemy with Hunt’s leash, kick them away, and then shoot them will gain the player 25 points.  Players can even use the environment to destroy the enemies.  Hunt’s lasso can pull an enemy towards him, and he can then kick them towards hazardous objects, such as spiked walls or power lines.  Doing so gains Hunt even more points than simply shooting his enemies.  The player can then use these points to upgrade Hunt’s weapons and abilities, or even buy ammo for his various weapons.

Graphically, the game is gorgeous.  The facial features and details on characters are incredibly detailed even on the enemies, which most games do not do.  This is especially apparent on the enemies who wear the skin of victims, which is both disgusting and amazing to look at.  Another great part of the game is the dialogue.  It goes right along with the over-the-top action with lines that are both hilarious and immature.

Hurling enemies into hazardous environments is a ton of fun.

Overall, Bulletstorm is an amazing action shooter.  The Skillshot point system helps the game stand out from other FPS out today, but while still not feeling like a gimmick.  As the game is partly developed by the team who created the Gears of War series, the game seems very similar to that series.  For anyone looking for a great action game, this is a perfect choice.



  1. A game made for NATE LILES.

    I’m quite tempted to get this when I have some money, but it might have to wait till after the heavy hitters of March.