MAP Episode 105: Indurpstry

Lusipurr provides more than one hundred percent of your recommended daily allowance of BETTER THAN YOU.
If Lusipurr were a pokemon...

Download Link: Produced 2011.02.27

Lusipurr tries to navigate a minefield of Durp laid down by Biggs and SN as the panel discusses Sony’s legal assaults, Molyneux’s deepening madness, and Atlus’s absurd hatred of the West, all in the shadow of a looming Pokemon release! NINTENDUSTRY!


  1. I think Square-Enix doesn’t care if the people who were buying FF games continue to anymore. They’re intent on sticking to the 12-17 demographic instead of growing with their audience.

  2. Re. derpderpderp:

    Remember how I was going to have a website with well-thought comments and incisive examinations of the latest industry topics?

    Yeah, neither do I anymore.