MAP Episode 106: Donationcast

In point of fact, only 5% of the site capital is kept in bullion. The rest is in Arabian real-estate.

Lusipurr, hard at work on site business. (Also pictured: Ginia, Biggs, and SiliconNooB.)

Download Link: Produced 2011.03.06

Site donations go live and readers queue up by the score to invest their hard-earned funds in the world’s most important going concern: video game news blogs. With a fistful of dollars, the staff begin to plan a Foster’s-oriented trip to Australia. Or E3.

0 comments on “MAP Episode 106: Donationcast”

  1. I was JUST about to comment on the theme music. Great opener. Only listened to 9.5 minutes so far – I have to go to work – but it was a very enjoyable 9.5 minutes! A return to form!

    Donate! Donate! Donate!

  2. And as far as actual serious comments go, I haven’t finished listening yet, but I agree that Valve is amazing.

  3. I have to applaud Valve for their innovation. The game delays never really bothered me because there’s always something else to play.

    I agree that Hotel Dusk is awesome. I haven’t tried Trace Memory yet, tho. Too bad Cing went bankrupt and won’t be making games anymore.

    I do enjoy the new music, too.

  4. Hooray for Lusipurr’s correct pronunciation of my Jap last name. Based on the way he pronounces Yakuza, I was almost positive he would say Wanatabe


  6. Valve’s new tech is called the Super Emotion Measurement and Enhancement Networking System. That’s right! It’s S.E.M.E.N.!