MAP Episode 109: Tell Your Friends

DISCLAIMER: Typical reader pictured may not actually be typical. Or a reader.
A typical reader telling her friend about the site.

Download Link: Produced 2011.03.27

On FRIDAY, Bup and SiliconNooB adopt a DRILLING, intellectual approach in their investigation of the latest industry news. The result, which is sure to be a WHEEZE, covers topics including Duke Nukem Forever, the Nintendo 3DS, and GeoHot in South America.


  1. Still at work, downloaded the podcast. Was 100% convinced (and hoping) that if my name got read out loud on the podcast that Nate Liles would insult me. My night is complete, you are a modern day saint Nate.

    For all the laughs I’ve had catching up on this podcast over the last few months, I wish I could do more as you well deserve. A much better donation on the way once my much higher than expected tax return comes in. Hand shakes all around, good job everybody.

  2. What did we do to warrant such pleasant readers? I wash my hands of it.

  3. @SN: Heaven forfend that we should have readers possessed of the DIGNITY AND KINDNESS that my staff lack!

    @Peter: Thank you mightily, sirrah!

  4. There was something about “Baten Cockings” that made me spit my Imperial IPA on my screen.


  5. LMAO, the best part was at the end, that was a great series of events, with the song, the hang up, the call, the Friday Parody. Haven’t laughed so hard since…Well… Friday, actually!

  6. The girls in the pic should be fatter and have beards, thats the typical female reader, they probably should be spotting cuts on their arms also and a “I Heart Nate” tattoo

  7. Shameful and without merit.

    Where’re the discussions of Hobbes or the intricacies of haute cuisine? No debates on poetry or criticism of the Impressionist movement’s reliance on brush technique?

  8. @Lane: Someone was (shamefully, and without merit) RAIDING instead of being a podcast panelist!

    @Blitz: Nonsense! Those girls are the typical readers!

    @RBK: Glad you enjoyed it! TELL YOUR FRIENDS.


  9. Raiding is essential to the well-being of a gentleman of leisure. It ranks up there with wilding, campaigning across old Europe to defeat Cossack hordes, and reading the lyrical poetry of John Keats, five feet tall.

    That said, I am distressed by the inclusion of such much low humor and uncouth ribaldry in this latest podcast. Thus, I must endeavor to redeem this site’s good name and erudition with my column on Tuesday. Lusipurr, break out the Haut-Médoc, set a bottle of Bushmill’s to decanting, and call Raul. Tell him the finest, well-aged Montecristos… again. We are going to make this a place of high culture again.

  10. @Lane: What a sisyphean task you set for us.

    All my work undone when Nate shows up for an hour. Is’t possible?

    Keats is a marvel.