News: Square Enix Confirm a Final Fantasy VII Remake!

Technology: There's no stopping this train we're on!

Square Enix look set to make your dearest wish a reality by tapping into the power of the Nintendo Wii in order to provide the next-gen update to Final Fantasy VII that’s Otaku readers have been clamouring for!

Final Fantasy series creator Motomu Toriyama has today confirmed that the remake will include such advanced current gen visual effects as progressive-scan and texturing, while battle designer Akitoshi Kawazu has designed an all new battle system to take full advantage of the Wii’s waggle controls.

We are implementing an intuitive system whereby the player jerks the Wiimote to the left in order to attack, and to the right in order to perform a random spell. We initially implemented a system which allowed players to choose which spell they wished to perform, yet during testing we quickly found that players tended to abuse this system in conjunction with the game’s character growth system, which boosts the player’s stats every time Scan is performed.


3D graphics: See Midgar come to life!

The game has been given a tentative release date of 2014, and has been confirmed a Wii exclusive in Japan.


  1. Will it use the same revolutionary waggle motion control as dragon quest swords?

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