Editorial: Anonymous Declare War on Sony!

Do you have sensitive financial details stored on PSN? You might want to remove them about now-ish. Why, you ask? Because hacktivist group Anonymous have signaled their intent to deliver unto Sony the tough Internet justice they so richly deserve. And also because Sony store your details in plain text files, as per the discovery of previous PSN hackers.

To be fair the founder of the Anonymous subgroup known as ‘Sony Recon’, a chap by the name of Randomtask, has declared that the group does not intend to attack individuals with any of the personal information they uncover, but better not to tempt the fates, eh?

It would seem that Sony unwittingly drew the attention of Anon’s lazors through their thuggish and villainous pursuit of George Hotz and Graf Chokolo through the unbalanced Western legal system, and failed to endear themselves by the sequestering of the details belonging to visitors to the Fail0verflow site.

For their part Sony Recon have already been credited for PSN outages, and a number of Sony run sites being made unavailable for most of the day, though amusingly Sony have attributed their ejection from the internets on scheduled maintenance. The group have also put out their feelers for the personal details of all the dastardly ne’erdowells involved with Sony’s abhorrent litigious wank, including Sony executives and their legal team, so watch out Lane!

Here’s to hoping that LOIC is equal to the task of frustrating Oliver Motok’s CoD addiction!


  1. They should start charging 60 USD per year to use their basic service to make everybody happy…

  2. I think he’s making a jab at Micro$oft (see what I did there!?!?) for charging for Xbox Live Gold.

    In non-sucky Sony news: FFV is coming to PSN! They’re apparently adding some stuff to it. Which I expect to suck because Square-Enix no longer has people who understand what made its old games good. Then again, I did like the recent DS Dragon Quest games, but those are the same game made over and over, so who knows?

    I’m still curious about whether they’re doing a graphical upgrade? FFV, and to a much greater extent FFVI, did a lot more with treating the 2D tile-based as a 3D space by layering sprites, having things like buildings you could walk behind, etc. So they can’t do a 2D -> 3D straight up conversion like FF3 and 4.


  3. One thing they could add to FFV for PSN is some stable code, so the menu doesn’t glitch out every time you go into it.

    It was one of the few PS1 games that were ‘not compatible’ with the PS2, and which, when played on the PS3, routinely crashes–a source of frustration for me.

  4. How’d they handle the Legend of Mana release? I forget if it was the “Texture Smoothing” or “Fast Disc Reading” option, but one caused the game to glitch out and even screwed up the game’s ending.

  5. Assuming this is the port of the PS1 version, they could also add a translation that isn’t awful. (Y-Burns? REALLY?!)

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