Daniel “Deimosion” Flink

Hello, readers! I am Daniel Flink, more commonly known here on the internet as “Deimosion”. Refer to me by either name, it does not matter to me. I am going to be the site’s new Saturday Editorialist/Reviewer, bringing more of the weeaboo opinions that you the reader have come to expect!

The word “hometown” is not one I am familiar with, since I have lived in five different places in four different states in my short nineteen years of living. I have been gaming for almost as long. I received as a hand-me-down present from my father an old, gray brick Game Boy when I was four. The monochrome brick opened me to the world of gaming, and I have been playing ever since. My first console was the Playstation a few years later. Soon, I discovered Pokémon Red and Final Fantasy VII, and the rest was history.

In junior high, I became an anime fan with the advent of Toonami and Adult Swim anime, before falling out of the fandom in high school and back in as a university student. One can therefore expect great weeaboo-ery in my posts.

Much of my free time in junior high was spent playing the N64, and eventually, the Gamecube. Both systems cemented in me a hardcore fandom for Nintendo that would last until the disappointment we all know as the Nintendo Wii. High school gaming for me was divided primarily among the Playstation 2, the DS, and my lovely hacked PSP-1000. I also spent a significant portion of my high school gaming playing City of Heroes with friends, and it is to date the only MMORPG to capture my attention for very long.

As a gamer today, I largely play old RPGs that, as a younger gamer, I never got to experience. I am almost always playing a Final Fantasy or Pokémon game, as the two remain my favorite game franchises. My favorite genre of game by far is the JRPG, though I will play basically anything that is not a sports game, racing game, or first-person shooter. I also tend to stay away from Western RPGs more out of a lack of familiarity and a lack of interest in the subgenre.

Additionally, I am frequently known to play Team Fortress 2, where as of late I have begun to play Medic as my primary class.

So, readers, you can expect from me reviews of games, most likely older games, and editorials about, well, whatever subject about which I feel like writing. I hope you will enjoy reading what I have to say, and I hope that my time here at Lusipurr.com will prove fruitful.



    I was IN junior high before the Playstation debuted. My first console was my dad’s Atari 2600.

    Uphill, in the snow, both ways.

  2. Ugh … This place is lousy with weaboos! Take it to 2ch, pal!

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