Announcement: Goodbye, cruel world…..

It is with a heavy heart that I announce my departure as a regular writer for  Work responsibilities have made it too difficult for me to post an article on a regular basis.  However, I will try to be on the podcast when Lusipurr will have me and I have the time. So, do not worry: fart jokes will not be completely missing from the site.

In the comments below discuss how much you will miss me when I am gone.  Talk about how amazing I am and your favorite memories of me.  I expect a billion comments to this post.

Also, if you have boobs and are over 18, post ’em.  Only nice ones, please.


  1. Sorry to hear you’re leaving, Bup! Glad to hear you’ll still do podcasts every now and again!

    There were so many great Bup moments. Catchphrases such as “I’m adorable”, and “Don’t be a rude gus!” will always make me smile. So I guess my favorite memories of you will be the little random things you’d say, that, and of course Lady Gaga News.

    You will be missed, Bup! You’re a unique individual, and an irreplaceable member at LusipurrCom.

  2. You’re a legend and one of the reasons this site has deservedly seen such success. To Nate!

  3. It’s too bad that you’ve left, Nate. You are very valuable to LusipurrCom. But don’t fret! If you ever want to get hired back, I’m sure all you have to do is become a reader for the site, and Lusipurr will hire you on the spot!

  4. If Lusi is the head of, then NATE LILES is surely its heart. You’ll be sorely missed, mate. :(

  5. “What are you wearing!?”

    “Welcome to Bonertown, Population: Me.”

    “You’re welcome.”

    “AM or PM”



    “Today is Tuesday.”

    “Name seventy thousand reasons why. Go.”

    “Spoilers! Spoilers! Woooop! Woooop!”

    “I’m adorable.”

    …and MANY more!

  6. Also, now the duty of Lady Gaga news falls on your shoulders, SiliconNoob. May you bear this burden gracefully!

  7. I remember this one time Nate and I ended up in the desert outside of Tijuana. Neither one of us had much to wear… I had a tarp I’d stolen from a tomato vendor’s stall, and Nate… well, Nate punched an elderly woman at that stall and stole her shawl.

    So there we were, burning up in the harsh Mexicali sun, being hunted by El Lobo Negrón and his ninja. I didn’t think we’d make it out, but Nate turned to me, and he said, “Lane, there’s but two things I regret in life. The first is being too nice to Biggs, and the second is that I didn’t kick that old lady while she was down.”

    I blacked out at that point, but all I remember is waking up on a Greyhound heading north across the border, with Nate nowhere to be seen. On the seat next to me was an apple with a note pinned to it by an Aztec ceremonial dagger. It read, “Lane, remember, when life hands you a Tijuana apple, you make the best goddamn applesauce south of the border.”

    And now, every time I eat an apple, I think of that magical summer in Tijuana where Nate and I escaped a band of rabid ninja lead by the cruelest Peruvian druglord in this hemisphere. And I make that applesauce.

  8. @Lane: I note you left out some of the most exciting events of that trip!–but I suppose you had to, if you wanted to be believed.

  9. @Lusipurr I believe the real issue is that those events are very sensitive information and the United States government would be unhappy with him if he were to post them.

  10. @Lusipurr: I have sworn not to reveal the okuden techniques of the Clear-Mind Divine Transmission School of kenjutsu to any but initiates of the highest mysteries. How I defeated the ninja remains the secret of my order.

    @Slab: That’s what they want you to think. WAKE UP, SHEEPLE!

  11. Sad news but I am glad that you will keep being in the podcast.

  12. Bup: I’m glad you’re at least gonna visit the podcast every now and then. You are hilarious.

    “*slurping noises* That was me drinking his… twilight.”

  13. A twilight of the gods indeed, all is grown dark in Camelot …

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