Editorial: Why I Will Not Be Buying the Wii 2

Like so many others, I fondly recall the days when Nintendo made good consoles. Sadly, the days of the NES, SNES, Nintendo 64, and even the Gamecube, polarizing system as it was, are long over. Readers, I will not be buying the Wii 2 unless it becomes much cheaper than its eventual overinflated launch price, or until I see a surprising level of hardcore gaming support for it. A number of gaming websites have reported on the Wii 2, claiming that it will be more powerful than the current generation’s most powerful consoles, the Playstation 3 and the Xbox 360. The fact that this is news is completely astounding, honestly. Of course the Wii 2 will be more powerful than the 360 or PS3! It had damn well better be, the 360 and PS3 came out over five years ago and over four years ago, respectively! I damn well hope the next Nintendo console is better than technology from four years ago.

I really want to use one of these to play Red Steel, does that make me a bad person?
A typical Nintendo Wii game controller for a typical Nintendo Wii fan.

I could forgive Nintendo for making a crappy inferior console if the Wii maintained the Nintendo tradition of brilliant first-party games and decent-to-good third-party support. But as anyone with any familiarity with the Wii knows, the first-party games have largely been mediocre, and the third-party support nonexistent. I have played a grand total of three Wii games that I consider worth playing, and there are currently three more Wii games out that I would currently like to try. Super Smash Brothers Brawl, Super Mario Galaxy, and New Super Mario Bros. Wii are the three good Wii games I have played – all first party Nintendo titles. The only remaining Wii games which currently interest me are Mario Galaxy 2 and Sonic Colors. Six interesting games in five years, readers…that speaks for itself, no?

SSBB Box Art
One of the very few games for the Wii that is worth playing.

So, I will not be purchasing the Wii 2, unless Nintendo manages to pull a fast one on me and return to the days of the N64 or even GameCube quality of gaming. Even the 3DS, the system that renewed my faith in the casual waggle titan, has proved to be an overpriced, heavily flawed piece of hardware. These are truly sad times we live in, when the gaming behemoth Nintendo is the worst major console manufacturer in the business. I love my DS, and I will eventually be buying a 3DS when the price drops and there are games worth playing, but the likelihood of me buying a Wii 2, or Wii HD, or whatever crap Nintendo churns out for a console, is slim-to-none at this point.

Son, I am Disappoint
My feelings towards Nintendo, summed up in a meme image.

Readers, what do you think? Am I bitching and griping for no reason, or are my complaints about Nintendo valid? Is the Wii 2 or Wii HD or Wiines or whatever it is going to be worth it? I personally doubt it will be, but maybe this time Nintendo will surprise me. Use the comments to let me know what you think, dear readers!


  1. I dunno, I’m going to actually see a reveal before I have an opinion on the system. I’m currently not hyped about the reveal, but I definitely am quite curious.



  3. @Ethos A few years ago, I might have been interested, but unless Nintendo manages to blow me away, I just don’t care anymore.

  4. I’m not really that Interested in buying one, but still interested enough to keep one eye on it as I do with all gaming hardware. If some good exclusives come out for it then I may have to buy it, but that probably won’t happen until Xenoblade 2.

  5. I’m not interested in buying one and I’m not interested in not buying one. We don’t even know what it is yet.

  6. Meaning I’m not optimistic and I’m not pessimistic. We simply don’t have enough information.

  7. I’m pessimistic, plenty pessimistic, but it could be something I grudgingly purchase.

  8. N64 quality of gaming? Are you sure you are remembering this era correctly? Seems that the first party games of that era were great to alright at best, but everything else pretty much blew donkey balls. Its like, a lot of people enjoyed “flight of the navigator” as a child, but watch it today- Its awful. Sure zelda and mario were good, but I seem to remember a plethora of horrible games actually quite comparable to nintendos current track record. The “good” ones for the most part don’t necessarily stand the test of time either. Has anyone itching to play golden eye recently?

  9. The N64 had a significant number of really good first-party titles, for one. Two good Zeldas, a Mario platformer, Star Fox 64, three really good Mario Parties…not to mention third-party games like Banjo-Kazooie/Banjo-Tooie and others.

  10. I wasn’t very impressed with Nintendo’s first party titles, Mario not withstanding.

  11. Haven’t really been blown away by them since the SNES, though they do at least tend to be polished.

  12. Pilotwings 64’s plane that shot missiles and Starfox 64 are the only games that I’d go back and play today. And I generally don’t like flying games.

    Mario 64’s camera was a frustrating as hell abomination that I recognized as terrible at the time and had never played a 3D platformer prior.

    The N64 was OK as a “party system” where you have a bunch of friends over, it had 4 controller ports afterall, and playing Goldeneye or Mario Kart, but it didn’t have all the Squaresoft games, Resident Evil (I liked them, dammit!), etc. I’d take Crash Bandicoot over Mario 64 anyday.

    The Wii 2? I’d go with a bluetooth adapter and play existing Wii stuff in HD on a PC. I suspect Nintendo may do the same, however given their pathetic online support I’m not sure how well it’ll work with updates for compatibility? Do most/all GC games run on the Wii? Or just some first party titles like the 360?

    I agree the lack of decent third party games is reason enough to avoid Wii 2 (or whatever). Also, why do first party titles never drop in price? And why do long out of print ones never get greatest hits or reprints?

  13. I cited Mario 64 because it’s popular; it’s also one of my least favorite Mario games. Also, it had third-party support, which the Wii does not.

  14. And I’m surprised nobody’s tried to call me out for nostalgia goggles yet.

    I will admit some portion of my love for the N64 is based on nostalgia. But yeah, the N64 and GCN were both really great party systems. The Wii tried to be one, but isn’t, because the good games, for the most part, don’t have good multiplayer.

  15. Honestly, if Xenoblade is half as good as I’ve been hearing, then the Wii’s existence will be justified to me. This generation has been most disappointing for JRPG enthusiasts.

  16. I was somewhat excited about The Last Story, but that turned out to be kind of crappy. Xenogears was flawed, but I liked it. I only played the first Xenosaga which I liked despite not much happening. The second I heard was an abortion. The third again sounded flawed as shit and time crunched down because they were trying to finish up four games in the third final one.

    I’m a cynical bastard, but I can’t imagine Xenoblade being amazing. The Last Story was an utter disappointment from what I heard.

  17. A great many people have been claiming that this is the most polished game that they’ve produced (including Xenogears). You can only trust another persons word so far, but I think it sounds very promising.

  18. @SiliconNooB If one person says something is bad, and many people say that it is good, it’s probably worth giving a try, at least. Maybe a love-hate thing’s going on with it.

  19. I’m mainly going on what I’ve been reading on the Gamefaqs boards, anyone who says they prefer The Last Story gets shouted down.

    The general consensus seems to be that Takahashi’s narrative was less overly ambitious this time, and because of that he has succeeded in creating a complete well rounded game, along with a complete well rounded narrative.

    That said, I’m hardly in the position to know how firm their grasp of the Japanese language is.

  20. I’ve been a member of the GameFAQs community for about 6 years. I’d trust their opinions about as far as I’d trust Sarah Palin to run a country.

  21. Well, when people remark about how much the JRPG industry generally sucks these days, and about how mediocre FFXIII was, and then follows up with praise for Xenoblade as a return to form – then they immediately grab my attention because they already share 2/3 of my opinion.

    This may be somewhat deceptive, but I can’t not be swayed somewhat by people who sound like me …

  22. That’s the only 3 Wii games I not only liked but had any interest in buying too, and they were worth it.

    The N64 and GameCube have had the same problem: just a few good, mostly first-party titles (the 64 moreso than GC)… but they were totally worth it and some of the best games of the era.

    An N64 game whose name doesn’t get mentioned nearly enough is Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon; the Mario 64-esque one, not the side-scroller. Hilarious as well as fun.

    But come to think of it, if you played Smash Brothers on any previous system, or played any classic Mario Bro’s game (SNES to prior), you don’t need that or New SMB’s. But I feel that playing Galaxy alone warrants buying a Wii, although given that Nintendo made the first direct sequel in a current system since the Game Boy, I think they hit their limit on new possibilities.

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