MAP Episode 114: A New Hope celebrates the best virtues of humanity. And generosity is a virtue. Just sayin'.
A lofty sentiment.

Download Link: Produced 2011.05.01

This week’s gaggle of panelists (Ginia, Lane, SN, SB, and Deimosion) are joined by special guest Oliver ‘Riddles’ Motok for a discussion of the PSN-related news, and Lusipurr FanFiction gets read in the first installment of Lusipurr’s Story Time!


  1. It’s been up for under half an hour and the podcast is an hour and forty-five minutes.

    So of course I’ve listened to it!

  2. Bah-haha “You’ve beaten StarCraft II”.

    StarCraft II is not a game to beat. It is not about single player. It’s about the massive eSport industry gaining exponential traction!

    Either way, I’d like to play Diablo III.

  3. Exponential traction pfui. It replaces SC1. That’s all!

  4. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this, but I love the intro music. Whenever it plays, I imagine all of the panelists, garbed in tuxedos and brandishing minstrel make-up and canes, dancing to it.

  5. @Emmori – A fantastic idea.

    @Lusipurr – Yes, except that the SC1 eSports scene was only really popular in Korea. The GSL has gained major international attention, the TSL is huge. Plus the existence of NASL and IPL are symptoms of the explosion in popularity.

  6. @Emmori: That is what happens.

    @Ethos: I know better than to take the word of an enthusiast on the topic of his interest.

  7. Incidentally, there will be more Lusipurr’s Story Time until there is no more fanfiction to read. So look forward to that. I know I am.

  8. Ethos, I have demanded satisfaction. What is your response, knave?

  9. @Ethos: He’s been doing this all day. I think he has been watching too much Game of Thrones. Just ignore him. It’ll probably clear up at the end of the series.

  10. @Lusipurr Amazing!! cant wait for more story time with grandpa lusipurr!!

  11. Yay, story time! I assume you’ll be getting around to reading the Thousand Years of Dreams stories now?

  12. So, Lusipurr, if I write some fanfiction, will it get read on the podcast?

  13. But what if I detailed how many wonderful hats you wear, and how they affect how you are treated in your everyday life by hatless peasants?


    -Also, I like Lane’s Lusi fanfic better, I think we should read that!

  15. Watching a Game of Thrones? Sure, I’m doing that, but I’ve been breathing those books for longer than most of you have been alive! (that’s only a slight hyperbole)

    Lusipurr Dotto Kommu Gaiden: Record of Sankaku War DX will be a masterwork of modern comedic/fantastic/erotic literature, up there with such august works as the Bible and Dianetics.

  16. I should probably get around to reading them, a lot of people seem to love them. I think I may even have the first book on my iPad.

  17. I just wanted to mention that although somebody else came up with “Montok” it was I who coined “Montok the Destroyer”! I’ll accept royalty payments via Paypal.

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