MAP Episode 116: We’re Not Wearing Pants

This is a typical reader. You may be a fat weeaboo, but most of our readers are not.
A Typical Reader

Download Link: Produced 2011.05.15

The panel eschews pants in favour of light undergarments when a seasonal warm-front surprisingly envelops the entire United States and also Australia. A digeridoo is played to the delight of all, Sony revives PSN, and Lusi tells another gripping tale.


  1. I got a good chuckle out of the “Aw come on! Moms are tough!” line. Amazing how you miss little things like that when you’re on the podcast, and catch them when you listen again.

  2. ‘Moms are tough’ is the ‘Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!’ of FFXIII.

  3. … And every line uttered by Hope and Vanille is its ‘I want to see dancing Yuna’!!

  4. I have to be honest. I couldn’t care less if I never played another online game again; it’s never been something I look for in my games. There’s definitely been a shift to online multiplayer games, and the PSN outage pissed off a lot of my friends. The only thing it did for me, though, was prevent me from buying some DLC I wanted.

    Maybe you should pitch Lusipurr’s Perpetual Fountain of Disappointment to Square Enix. And thank you Lusi, for being sophisticated enough to appreciate the good points of FFXIII.

    I’m glad to see N1 and NISA doing better this year. They revamped their business model quite a bit and it seems to have worked well for them. I’m day one for Disgaea 4, just like I was Ar Tonelico Qoga. :)

    After waiting forever to get a Sakura Wars title over here (it was 5 years or so between Japan and US releases, I think) I don’t think this wait for Tales games is that bad.

  5. @Dan: I can see LPFoD becoming one of Square’s BIG NEW SERIES.

  6. I was able to finish the podcast now that class is over. Lusi, what about Vanguard Bandits? Working Designs published it, and it has a set number of battles so you can’t grind.

    Another great storytime, btw.

  7. @Dan: Good point! But that’s just about the only exception I can think of. I think Vic Ireland has a secret love for super-grindy JRPGs.

  8. Great cast so far. Only listened to 32 minutes so far, but will pick it up when I get back!

  9. @Ethos: Thanks!

    The length is going to be a bit variable as the new ‘cast members get used to being on board, and as the old members learn what it is like to be able to actually talk about things for more than ten seconds before being farted over.

    Eventually we’ll get closer to the 1h mark, but I apologise if we pitch more than the customary fifteen minutes over/under for the next month or so.

  10. It’s all good about the podcast lengths. The more the better, in my opinion!

    @DCS: I pretty much agree about online. Short of TF2 and the occasional Halo run, pretty much everything I play is single-player. I guess we’re just antisocial freaks!

    I played through about 15 hours of The Witcher recently and, while I didn’t really care enough to finish it, the game at least seemed pretty bug-free at this point. Hell, was most stable for me than TF2’s been for the past month or so by a long shot!

  11. @Lusi That wouldn’t surprise me at all about Victor Ireland. That really was the only exception I could come up with.

    @DG If I want to be social, generally I do something other than games, the exception being Rock Band. Usually if I’m playing a game, it’s my personal time and I just want to unwind.

  12. @Lusi Have you played the P.S.P. version of Lunar? I just wanted to know which version is better. The original or the newest? Oh, and also I just wanted to say great podcast, so, great podcast! Also I really like the way the website has been remodeled. Soon this place will be the new IGN. Giant office in SF. Soon your old SF office will be the White House. With Lusipurr as presi- I’m getting off topic aren’t I? Anyway, Ciao!

  13. @Shadow: I’ve not played the PSP version, but I imagine that the voice acting is completely different. Victor Ireland asked the people who worked on the PS1 version to refuse to return for the PSP remake (so as to maintain the stability of the collector’s value of the PS1 version). As far as I know, only the voice actress who sang the song returned.

    I imagine, though I have not confirmed this myself, that the PSP version is probably a bit less grindy. I don’t have a copy to play side-by-side, however.

  14. I prefer the 2D tile backgrounds to the newly designed backgrounds, but the new version has far better sprites.

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