MAP Episode 118: Throwing Down the Gauntlet


Download Link: Produced 2011.05.29

Despite not knowing the date, the episode number, or his own name, Lusipurr nevertheless throws down the gauntlet to the readers of, challenging them to donate money to ensure his first review ever is of one of the worst RPGs ever produced.


  1. Lusipurr, I trust you shall inform me when the site has received $50, and every $50 up until $200 is received?

    I do intend to follow through.

  2. I few thingies about the games on the list.

    I’ve actually played about half way through Quest 64 over a friend’s house in a few hours. It does like some earth, fire, wind, water, series of macguffin thing and then I think you fight the big bad. I did the first two, I think. It was soooooo boring and generic. They reused the same cliff/cave area soooo many times.

    The pictures I just saw of Ephemeral Fantasia are hilarious. I think Legend of Legaia with the texture smoothing feature on a PS2 probably looks better.

    Beyond the Beyond, besides having a stupid name, is like Dragon Quest without the soul. It’s like Gingered Dragon Quest. Pedobear likes Beyond the Beyond. It’s incredibly long, grindy, generic, and unfun.

    Hydlide and Deadly Towers are like the King’s Field games compared to more recent first person console games that don’t use L1 for looking up and R1 for looking down. I do actually like the King’s Field games, so its a more severe comparison to The Legend of Zelda which figured out how bird’s eye view adventure games should work.

  3. @SB: Of course, but you clearly still cling to the false hope that people don’t want an FFVII review, and I think they do.

  4. @Reetin: Luckily you and the other four readers donating $2 each will only buy me lunch — and I’ll still be able to review FFVII at the end of the Summer. Brilliant!

  5. I’m rooting for Ephemeral Fantasia, personally. While I can’t get it to $400 myself, Steven’s offer will definitely help. We must at least stop the FFVII review!

    Admit it Lusi, you love giant anime boobs. Come on.

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