Announcement: Lane’s Farewell

Greetings, constant readers. It is the end.

Unfortunately for everyone, this will be my last column here at Recently, I have experienced a sharp uptick in demands on my time, and fear that I must significantly reduce my Internet presence. As such, one will not find me at any of my usual haunts. Even my video gaming time will be limited by my other pursuits, including my martial arts training and my love of fiction writing.

For those who absolutely cannot live without a weekly dose of verbose pomposity, well, I am afraid I can provide no succor. Go read Brian Crecente and pretend that he is me, or better yet, read Kevin Drum at Mother Jones. Or check various online and print publications dedicated to short speculative fiction, such as Analog, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, or Strange Horizons. Hopefully, I will be seen there in all my prolix glory.

And if not, then watch the stars for me.


  1. you sir will be missed, this post has made me sad :( i will miss you and lusipurrs discussions on the podcasts

  2. I wish you luck, Lane. It’s unfortunate that you had to go, I rather enjoy your writing style.

  3. The new commentators will have some big shoes to fill.

    We’ll miss you, Lane!

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