Shawn “Emmori” Illingworth

My name is Shawn and I like occasionally enjoy video games.

What? You want to know more? I suppose that is fair, considering my recent employment as an Editorialist/Game Reviewer on this very site. To start, I have been reading the site since my friend and fellow columnist Deimosion referred it to me way back when I had met him at the college we had been attending together. When it was recently posted that Lane was going to leave the site’s roster, I decided to put in my bid for a position despite the massive Texan boots I knew I would have to fill. Lo and behold, here I am, delivering unto you this introduction.

I also suppose that since is a gaming site, it could not hurt to also give some background information on my gaming history. My first memories of video gaming originated from my early childhood, watching my father play titles such as Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!!, Ice Hockey and Metroid on our Nintendo Entertainment System, which I still own to this day. It was in these formative years that the hobby took a firm grasp on me, resulting in a devout appreciation for games such as Solar Jetman, River City Ransom, and the Super Mario Bros. series.

Time has marched forward since then, and as such my family acquired newer systems at the best of me and my siblings. I fondly remember wasting countless hours on the Nintendo 64 system: defeating Gruntilda in the Banjo-Kazooie and gathering the 120 stars of Super Mario 64 were my best memories of that console generation, not to mention facing off against other kids in my neighborhood in rounds of Super Smash Bros. and GoldenEye 007. But then, all good things must come to an end… in this case, my days of N64 gaming came to an end when I had decided to sell off the system and its games to fund the purchase of brand-new Nintendo GameCube. While not quite as memorable, my GCN nonetheless had a solid roster of games, among which Sonic Adventure 2: Battle and Viewtiful Joe were my favorites.

Nowadays, I consider myself a more casual gamer than my youth. I play my Xbox 360 when I can, peruse Valve’s selection on Steam, and participate in various table-top games whenever life allows me too. But rest assured, I have plenty to say on the hobby and industry nowadays, which I shall be discussing on Saturdays at

Stay frosty!

–Shawn ‘Emmori’ Illingworth


  1. @Oyashiro: That would cause too much confusion when Oliver is on the podcast!

  2. Sonic Adventure 2 Battle and Sonic Adventure DX were awesome. The best part? You could play them without having to own a Dreamcast.

  3. By the way, I never asked before, but I’m curious, now…what’s the origin of your last name? It’s rather unique.

    I almost want to say British, because it sounds sort of Britishy, but…

  4. @Deimosion Which was amazing, considering my parents would not spring for a DreamCast.

    @Slab Bulkhead Indeed it is British, but my father’s side of the family has never been specific as to its origin. I’m not sure if I even have relatives in the UK.

    Thanks for the warm reception, everyone! Expect my first article soon!

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