News: Japan Is a Better Mommy than Britain

For all of our American readers, may you have a safe and enjoyable Independence Day! To our British readers, enjoy watching the stupid Americans blow their fingers off with firecrackers. To our readers who could care less about the Revolutionary War, have some weekly weeabooism!

But no Madonna pointy bra!
Pointy shoulder-pads and Tank Girl costume? Definitely late 80s/early 90s.

Moe Moe Warfare
For the past two years now, my April Fools’ Day post has been the reveal that the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare series is being made into an anime or being given a cute anime girls patch. Well, someone in Japan has been reading those jokes and taking them seriously. The war between Iran and Iran in the 1980s is being developed by SystemSoft Alpha into Moe Moe Daisensou Gendaiba-n Plus (Moe Moe Great War Modern Era Plus) for the PSP, set for release this summer, though only in glorious Nippon. This is not SystemSoft Alpha’s first excursion into the art of making war adorable; Moe Moe Niji Taisen, based on World War II, was made in 2007 for the PC and is being re-released in HD for iOS devices this week. Capitalizing on the moe warfare trend, in 2009 SystemSoft Alpha released three system specific sequels; for the DS, players only got to play the Japanese Navy’s half of the war, while PS2 owners were placed in the hot seat of Germany, only the PSP receiving both the Japanese Navy version and, not the German version, but the Soviet version. If Moe Moe Daisensou Gendaiba-n Plus takes off, it is almost certain we can expect Moe Moe Cold War to follow, coming to a grand finale with an adorable loli version of David Hasselhoff singing as half-naked anime girls smash through a wall made entirely out of other half-naked anime girls. No international release is planned for any of SystemSoft Alpha’s amusing loli battle machines at this time.

New palette swap for Saber? Instant $100k sales.
The Holy Grail War, now underwater!

Aksys, a Weeaboo’s Dream Company
Aksys Games, publisher of Guilty Gear and BlazBlue, is bringing more Japanese awesomeness to American shores. Fans of the fighting game Fate/Unlimited Codes, or perverted fans of the Fate/Stay Night series, will be happy to know that Aksys announced they will be localizing the Fate/Extra RPG for the PSP, almost one year after its release in Japan. The game deviates greatly from that of the original game and subsequent anime, but features a host of decision trees that will affect the ending. The player can choose their gender as well as their Servant type, with Servants like Arcueid Brunestud and Ryogi Shiki playing cameo roles to keep Type-Moon fans amused for hours. The current North American release date has been left vaguely as “later this year.”

But what if you are female and want to play a romance sim? Why are you at then? You are very lost, little girl, but that’s okay, we have a nice cell in the basement for you. While you are locked away in there, you can spend your time playing Hakuoki: Shinsengumi Kitan. Not an insignificant game by any means, Idea Factory’s original Hakuoki on the PS2 in 1998 has since spawned five other games in addition to both manga and anime series. Taking place at the end of Japan’s Edo period, the Shinsengumi have risen to power and are looking for a certain man, the father of protagonist Chizuru Yukimura. Throughout the game, the player’s actions determine which of the Shinsengumi she will encounter, from the man of her dreams to those of her nightmares. Aksys will soon be bringing this gem over to American shores as well, also with a tentative date of later this year, but have not stated if they will be localizing the others in the series.

The goth loli has less boobs, thus more aerodynamic.
Choose your character by boobage!

3DS Boobs Game Has Personality?!
In the past few months, all we have heard regarding Marvelous Entertainment’s Senran Kagura ~Shoujotachi no Shinei~ is that it will be for the Nintendo 3DS and that it will be the first game for the system to feature the glory of 3D boob jiggle. Do you know that this game actually has a plot? Its true! During an interview with producer Kenichiro Takaki this week in otaku mecca Akihabara, he revealed that as the players fight, the girls’ personalities and fighting style will change. He does not elaborate if this means both the fights and personalities of the player and her opponents, nor does he elaborate as to if this will potentially change various plot points in the story. Presumably, he was too distracted with their bouncing. The plot of the game is derived from the Sengoku era kunoichi, or female shinobi. Spying and assassination were some of the roles of the kunoichi in olden times, but have since gone underground, still serving the corrupt politicians of our supposedly more civilized era. In standard moe anime fashion, Senran Kagura takes place at a girls’ academy for the arts of the kunoichi. The game is set to be released in Japan on September 22nd for the 3DS, but given its culturally-specific plot and the inability of outsiders to understand the appeal of panty shots, it is unlikely that 3DS boobies will ever see international shores.


  1. “…an adorable loli version of David Hasselhoff singing as half-naked anime girls smash through a wall made entirely out of other half-naked anime girls.”


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    And it good to see that someone is actually putting the 3DS’ 3D capabilities to good use.


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