TSM Episode 3: Lusipedia

...and FIGURES!

Produced 2011.07.03

Biggs delves into the controversy surrounding violence and video games, Slab Bulkhead holds forth on the topic of the ESRB and its founding, and Lusipurr informs everyone about the history of video game journalism. Also: Layton, Laws, and LittleBigPlanet!


  1. This was the most informative podcast in the history of Lusipurr.com. I am thoroughly impressed by the breadth and depth of the knowledge on display during this podcast.

  2. As a budding Engineer, it is my duty to have as much knowledge as possible crammed into my brain.

  3. That song that played when Biggs was talking…it sounded really familiar, but I can’t place it.

  4. There was some Zelda music playing from A Link to the Past at one point. What time was Jenifer talking at again (if nobody answers first)?

  5. I seriously think the best part of TSM for me is seeing people excitedly trying to figure out what the music was during the segments.

  6. You should make it so that donators can pick a VGM for the next TSM.

  7. I think the BGM during Jenifer’s segment was the Megaphone’s Ahoy intro/outro music for a bit, wasn’t it? If I remember correctly, people were trying to place it then as well and nobody could figure it out.

  8. The last song playing when Jenifer is talking is Ken’s stage from Street Fighter 2 I think

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