TSM Episode 4: Six Bushels of Turnips

Curiously enough, the answer is fifty-eight pounds, by law.
Each week, literally no people write in asking us how many pounds of turnips are in a bushel.

Produced 2011.07.10

Deimosion goes to Hell and back; Biggs gets Healthy Wellness; and Lusipurr bakes a patty. Also: Konami brings Despair to the PlayStation Network, Valve announces an early release, Square Enix takes up the rhythm genre, and this LBP are sack.


  1. Just wanted to point out that Dan doesn’t have to have played Tomb Raider to masturbate to it. Maybe he was masturbating while one of his friends played it, which would have made it all the more awkward when his mom walked in.

  2. So true about KH voice actors and Aeris in particular. Mandy Moore was surprisingly excellent in the first game and that American Beauty chick BOMBED in the sequels.

  3. I’ve only played about 4 hours of any Disgaea game. I forget which one. I remember liking the dialogue but not really caring for the battle system. But I also tend to have an aversion to Tactical RPGs.

  4. Limbo WAS already released to Xbox Live Arcade. It has been out for a while. This is purely the PSN release that is upcoming.

  5. We misread the date in the article, because the release of Limbo on the Xbox was July 2010, whereas all of the rest of the given dates were July 2011 (excepting the retail release which was April 2011).

    Though actually I say we misread it, but I happen to recall them all saying dates in April 2011–so it is possible that the information has been corrected since the podcast was recorded.

  6. The flood gates are open! Now EVERYBODY can +1 it on Google (so long as “it” isn’t TSM)

  7. I don’t understand that last segment at all. Yet I feel like it reached deep down into the depths of my soul and stole tomatos from the plant in my backyard.

  8. For one brief, shining moment, White Mages were the most damage-capable class in FFXI.

  9. Woot! Soneone noticed! Yes, ER was one of the things behind Biggs.

  10. My favorite part of the new podcast might be listening to Biggs’s background music to see if I can identify the seemingly random song selection. It’s a fun game in which only self-shaming can be won!

  11. It’s my favourite thing to watch people do in the comments. I hope every week people try to figure out the music.

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