Kendra ‘KenJuJuu’ Evans

Hello, fellow Lusi-sprites! After being a reader of the site for more than a year now, I have been given a role on staff as Graphic Artist and general British Person – with the loss of SiliconNoob, it is important to at least seem as though the equal opportunities policy is in effect, and if you can get someone who is British, Half-African and a girl, then I guess that saves time and effort. EFFICIENCY!

My history of gaming is somewhat limited – I grew up a Nintendo fangirl, working my way through the Gameboys and the DSes. My first console was the original Playstation, for which we had the classic fighting games, such as Tekken 2 and SoulBlade, but it wasn’t until we got a PS2 and a copy of Final Fantasy X mysteriously appeared in my home that I really got into the world of RPGs, and that’s where my real standing as a gamer began. Nowadays, the only way I’ll play a game is if it has a good story, which is why I can pour hours into something like Phoenix Wright, but get bored quickly with more monotonous games, like COD. (Let the fan-war commence.) My current-gen consoles purely consist of the DS and my beloved PS3 (and until something groundbreaking is released, it’s going to stay that way), and my favourite gaming franchise of all time is, and always will be Pokemon. I’m a bit of a previous-gen girl, so I stand by my GBA. Best Gaming Device Ever.

Feel free to contact me about artwork and graphics for anything, through the site or my Deviant. Thanks!


  1. Why thank you. That’s definitely something the site is short of…

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