TSM Episode 6: The Great Final Fantasy XI Podcast

Three Final Fantasy XI Goblins
Three Final Fantasy XI Goblins

Download Link: Produced 2011.07.24

This week, Reetin immerses himself in immersion, RootBeerKing is cancelled, Enrei gets a ray gun from Mann Co., and Lusipurr remembers why Nintendo’s 3DS is not selling. Also, the panel discusses Final Fantasy XI’s merits at great length: 11 out of 5!


  1. I was talking about the music. The part where it changes makes you sound pretty angry.

  2. Reetin is like tofu. He sounds like whatever you add to him.

    Also, I love that video. I hope everyone goes to YouTube and likes it and says that they like it because I am in it.

  3. I just finished the Wings of the Goddess Missions and the Bastok line of Quests and both were quite good. The cutscenes are a cut above the ones in most other missions and they were pretty moving.

  4. @Deimosion: You certainly would like to know what my flavor is like!

  5. I started listening to this podcast literally seconds after listening to March of the Dreadnoughts and thought my iPhone had somehow changed all audio output to that song, regardless of what I selected. Damn you, Lusipurr, for having introduced a moment of irrational panic into my life.

  6. @Brett: It really is a FINE piece, though, don’t you agree?

  7. @Lusi: Actually, I hate it quite a bit. I was in such a good mood that I had to listen to it in order to lessen the shock that listening to such a horrible podcast as The Starlight Megaphone would do to my psyche. Going straight from smiling to listening to TSM would be utter madness!

    With that obligatory attempt at humor out of the way, I will say that it is probably my second favorite track (just a notch behind Lightning’s Theme) from XIII.

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